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Advice needed on reseller hosting

Discussion in 'Dedicated hosting discussions' started by tnyandrew, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. tnyandrew

    tnyandrew New Member


    I have reviewed at least a dozen website and have narrowed it down to these 3 sites.


    Looking at the 3 companies above has anyone worked with them and what is your advice about them.

    Any kind of help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

  2. Can you please let us know what are you looking for? What are your requirements?
  3. aloycasmir

    aloycasmir New Member

    Hey Andrew , tried to google yet ?
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  4. SiberForum

    SiberForum New Member

    Ask for the test account of each of them. That should be useful to test each to decide which one is better.
  5. Looks like one of the companies mentored there is forbidden on this board.
  6. iHubNet-Matt

    iHubNet-Matt New Member

    Search the forum and web for their reviews. I hope you can find some reviews about those companies. Contact directly to know their response times and how they are handling your queries. By that I think you'll have a general Idea about them. I hope someone who has real experience with them will show up and maybe of help to you.
  7. Matt is right. But please do not worry once you can't find that... That will not be a sign of the bad company or the one which is with poor services
  8. Eric_HE

    Eric_HE New Member

    Absolutely agree,you should make a decision which depend on your own experience not the others.
  9. samdorothy

    samdorothy New Member

    In my opinion these companies are good but we have a server with webhosting.uk.com. This company with 24x7x365 assistance and delivers me the best services. So, I suggest you that you can count on this company.
  10. ~ServerPoint~

    ~ServerPoint~ New Member

    I believe he has found the ideal one already?
  11. twist

    twist New Member

    I believe he didn't really search
  12. fcolor

    fcolor Active Member

    We didn't have a chance to see what do you need. If you are choosing between a few hosting providers then go and search for reviews about them.
  13. What platform do you require: Linux or Windows?
  14. twist

    twist New Member

    I don't think that the OP will answer our questions :(
  15. Yeah, agree with you entirely - the OP disappeared!
  16. ~ServerPoint~

    ~ServerPoint~ New Member

    I believe the OP has already found a hosting solution for running his projects.
  17. Robust

    Robust New Member

    If OP will visit us I suggest to look at more reputable companies to resell from such as 7host. They are providing high performance, uptime and good support
  18. ~ServerPoint~

    ~ServerPoint~ New Member

    Just would like to add the before starting reselling, you should be experienced enough in web hosting business in order to succeed in this sphere.
  19. SiberForum

    SiberForum New Member

    Hello Susan_Hosting!

    Do you host your web site with that host?

    Could you show us URL of the web site you host with them?
  20. I think that the thread should be closed as OP doesn't answer our questions.

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