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    Dedicated Server, Instant Setup

    Hello everyone, We just had a dedicated server become free. Setup Fee $49 Monthly Fee $145 Includes Cpanel Processor: Intel Celeron 1.7Ghz Memory: 512MB DDR System Memory Storage: 80GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Disk Bandwidth: 500GB/Month Operating System: Red Hat Linux 9.0 This is...
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    Anyone using these guys?

    http://www.enterprisedigital.net Any feedback on this company? :D
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    Domain Names For Sale/ Some w/Full Sites

    Yes, If your interested in specific just let us know.
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    Domain Names For Sale/ Some w/Full Sites

    Hello everyone, Bradshaw Consulting is clearing out some domain names that are companies has. Domain Names For Sale Contact via: MSN: bradshawconsulting@hotmail.com PM: here Website: Follow the information on the website above.
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    Airline Shitters. Be wary.

    sorry to hear that In the dark huh?
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    Happy birthday!

    I think it would be cool to have a birthday of Jan 1.
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    how are you going to celebrate newyear?

    fun but laid back When your 120 years old like me the only thing to do is sit around and watch TV. No, for real, I had a few friends over and we had drinks and talked about past years.
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    A not so happy begining to the new year

    worries of 2003 What I am worried about regarding 2003 is a little more on a global scope. I have dug up a few articles you might find interesting. This one here is great.... War with Iraq This lady was walking her dog.... 8 months pregnant and vanished. Very Sad This one is...
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    How many presents have you gotten?

    Rice Cooker I would have to say the best present I got this year was a 10 cup rice cooker. Man you can make some crazy dishes with a rice cooker. It was one of those made by naturalist ( I think that is the brand )
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    Countdown 2003

    2003 Happy 2003
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    Looking to buy.......

    Bingo Yes, The 36 months or 3 years revenue means if you have.... 100 clients paying 10 dollars per month then your client base or business could be worth up to 36,000 dollars. Please contact me for details. Thanks
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    Looking to buy.......

    Webhosting customers or businesses. We are paying up to 36 months ( 3 years ) revenue per account. Please contact us at bradshawconsulting@hotmail.com Thank you
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    Looking for a designer

    Please email onlinecards@buycardsonline.com The company is looking for a new design of the inside control panel. You must have prior work to show, please include this with the email. A whole new design might be possible as well. The main issue is the main welcome page once a user logs in...
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    Free 50,000 Banner Impressions

    It was in the header function I used for the site. I had this happen once before. Thanks for the heads up, I removed it. What was your username?
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    Free 50,000 Banner Impressions

    I don't understand I will post here when finished. Feel free to join up.