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    Wow. Giancarlo.
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    Is this a ghost?????

    Who are you people
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    Jesse H. Eisneberg, what happened to this place anyway?

    I think social media pretty much killed the internet, and destroyed the internet as a form of self expression and integrated communication. The internet is shrinking. There used to be millions of people making random websites and stuff... now the internet is basically Google, Facebook, Youtube...
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    Where is blank verse

    I saw Bad Religion and I was thinking of him.
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    Hope some other people show up to say hi, lol. I have trenzterra on Facebook, lol, but he's never said hi to me... :(
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    :chinese2: Nobody really. I guess. :confused4 And Peo is still checking in on FWS.net! I'm surprised. The internet has really changed since the old days, I think social media has really killed most peoples desire to have a site that they would need free hosting for; and I think the...
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    i miss you guys!!!!
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    Hello Everyone

    You will have the best time with me, Rabbi!
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    New Years Resolution

    I'm trying to put on weight.
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    What's the story, my friend?
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    This didn't have the ending I was looking forwards to.
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    Where do you work ? What do you do ?

    I manage an EB Games store. :(