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    Freecurrant - Small and Massive Plans!

    Freecurrant by Blackcurrant Hosting. We offer a standard 100MB/1GB package for our users based on a single google ads banner. We support both your own domains ($9.99) and subdomains (*.freecurrant.com). We offer Ruby on Rails with Mongrel support, and we offer it for free with our...
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    [Request] PHP 5 subdomain hosting for paFileDB Extreme Edition

    Hello, I am a paid host that is willing to sponsor you by way of a single google ads banner. Contact me on MSN via robert@bobby-d.com or email at admin@bcurrant.com.
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    Require Hosting For PHPBB FORUM

    Contact me at admin@bcurrant.com I'd be willing to offer your specifications in exchange for a 486 google ads banner on your page (customisable to your colour choices). Check out bcurrant.com to see more about our company. This is a one-time offer, not available to standard customers.
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    Popular site Needs Hosting

    Hello, I'm interested in sponsoring your site. I can offer you the Greencurrant Plan in exchange for google advertising on a horizontal 486 banner, with colours of your choosing to match your site. Depending on ad-revenue your site can be upgraded to higer plans, and into custom levels. This...
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    Hello hosts

    What is your budget? Contact me to discuss a semi-dedicated solution depending on your budget.
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    need host for openbsd.com.cn

    What langauge will the site be in? Chinese, I presume?
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    Hosting with remote MySQL Access

    I think you'd have an easier job finding a host that offers ssh, and just tunneling in to do a local connect to mysql.
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    Blackcurrant Hosting - Outstanding Deals on Ruby on Rails Hosting (as low as $5.96)

    Blackcurrant Hosting is a small hosting company dedicated to providing great support and a friendly community around it's Ruby on Rails hosting. Test our server speed, 100MB Test File. Test IP: We offer PHP5 and we use a proxied configuration of mongrel for Rails giving us fast...
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    A Reliable Free Hoat Is needed With good Uptime History.

    Check out Blackcurrant Hosting we offer both free and paid hosting, though our free plan only has 100MB of space. We do not show any advertising at all, we just request activity on our forums.
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    Requesting 1 Gb webspace and 10 Gb bandwidth

    Am I stuck in the past, or is 1GB a lot of space! 1GB certainly isn't a small amount of space, especially considering a host must have at least twice that for backups.
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    Blackcurrant Hosting - Free Ruby on Rails Hosting + PHP5

    Blackcurrant Hosting is offering a free plan supported by forum posting or google advertisements (Submit a support ticket for more information - support@bcurrant.com) Disk Space: 100MB Bandwidth: 1GB cPanel + Fantastico Ruby on Rails (Monrgrel) Support PHP5 support Domains + Subdomains...
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    Need 5gb space for an online vbulletin community

    Is nobody else worried that this guy can afford the vB licence but not any hosting?!
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    Dedicated server needed

    Try http://lowcostdedi.co.uk. £10 a month for a debian dedicated server.
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    namecheap.com - buy one.
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    Site for New Reality TV Show

    I can definitely help you out. I can offer 100MB/10GB with the ability to upgrade based on site usage and my discretion. You can place the single google ad yourself allowing you to integrate well with your site. The ad does have to be above the page fold on a 1024*768 monitor. Check us out at...