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    1KHosted.COM 500MB SPACE

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    FREE HOSTING, 30GB Webspace, 100GB Bandwidth INSTANT ACTIVATION, 100% UPTIME

    Promote code doesn't work *** PAYMENT DETAILS *** Cart Total £ 50.00 Total Discount £ 0.00 Sub Total £ 50.00 Total Tax @ 0.00% £ 0.00 Total £ 50.00 Monthly Price £ 0.00 (£ 0.00 plus tax) Quarterly Price £ 0.00 (£ 0.00...
  3. qq8892

    offering 1 free proxy host

    proxy host Any requirement?
  4. qq8892

    5GB & 15GB BW | PHP5 & mySQL/cPanel & Fantastico | Instant Activation!

    Great plan but the redirection function in cpanel is failed so we can not setup any subdomain or adddomain ( all redirect into public_html) Why don't add Ads automatically by system?
  5. qq8892

    AHPlace.com - Installatron - Instant Activation - 24/7 Support

    never know when they really offer you free hosting keep waiting ... waiting ...:confused4
  6. qq8892

    Your Free Host Package - 25GB Disk Space/ 100GB Data Transfer

    accept and then deny not reliable offer
  7. qq8892

    NWH Networks - Free Hosting || cPanel and more

    Apply for nwhSmall already! Waiting for further instruction:beer:
  8. qq8892

    5GB diskspace and 20GB transfer

    I wish you can host my flash gaming sites Since you do not accept PM, you can PM me if available
  9. qq8892

    Free Cpanel Hosting - 1-10 GB space - 10-30 GB Bandwidth

    Posted application for plan "ready"
  10. qq8892

    Free&Premium plans |·|Instant activation |·|Ftp|·| cPanel 11 |·| exellent support|·|

    Your outdated(2007-8-3) key Only for two accounts uni.cc domain What we can expect from you?:confused4
  11. qq8892

    Allowing ten (10) cPanel Accounts - Act Fast

    PM sent already thanks
  12. qq8892

    Allowing ten (10) cPanel Accounts - Act Fast

    I do not get the Account's information yet It seem not to be setup immediately
  13. qq8892

    TeppaWeb Free! | 8 Teppa Plan One Free | 5 Teppa Plan Two Free | 2 Teppa R1 Free!

    Teppa is the best! Do you accept other languages right now?
  14. qq8892

    need 500M space/100G BW

    Thanks However, Layeredpanel always limit a lot of php function so our forum can not run smoothly.(Not absolutely, it can run smoothly on two LP system but their IPs were banned by CN) As I mentioned above, toxhost is fine but my forum can not run smoothly on its server for limitation...