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  1. nickmahon

    Suggest me some music...

    If you want to open up a whole new world of music available to you, try film scores. Not as slow-paced as classical music, and more exciting themes. Look for some John Williams, and John Debney's score to Cutthroat Island.
  2. nickmahon

    how are you going to celebrate newyear?

    The same way I celebrate every day -- sleep.
  3. nickmahon

    Vereor Community :: vSpiral

    I'll put a new bot up soon enough.
  4. nickmahon

    Vereor Community :: vSpiral

    Yeah, the viewtopic needs tweaking, definitely.
  5. nickmahon

    Vereor Community :: vSpiral

    Hello, I have completely revamped my forums ( http://www.vereor.com/forum/ ). Looking for some harsh critiques. Nick
  6. nickmahon

    I have 2 weeks in which to learn PHP...

    That's how I learned, I paid $75 CDN.
  7. nickmahon

    I have 2 weeks in which to learn PHP...

    Why 2 weeks? After 2 weeks I was having trouble programming a "Guess the number" script.
  8. nickmahon

    What do you spend your online time doing?

    1) Working. :)
  9. nickmahon

    Bloody Hotmail!

    If there's one thing I can't stand, it's the general public's blind, undying and unwarranted hate for "Micro$oft".
  10. nickmahon

    Free e-mail hosting: The Great Debate

    I can give you sophie@nickmahon.com :biggrin2:
  11. nickmahon

    I need your thoughts/suggestions on this

    Umm... all I get is a multitude of porn ads.
  12. nickmahon

    What do you own?

    Well, I own most of them. And I just bought a new iPod 10GB (Windows)!
  13. nickmahon

    How many domains do *you* own?

    http://www.vereor.com http://www.nickmahon.com
  14. nickmahon

    Isolatiing a portion of a string

    Hi, I want to isolate the domain (.gov, .com, .net, etc.) from the $REMOTE_HOST variable. How is this done? Nick
  15. nickmahon

    biggest member site?

    I have around 500 forum members and get around 4-500 uniques a day.