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    Scam sites

    4daily.com (I didn't checked the list) but you can go here: Internet Money Makers Forum to check the already that are paying with proofs (payouts proofs).
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    google adsense question

    No that's not true, you just add the same code in the site and it will get approved automatically if it shows ads it means that is approved.
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    Forum for Sale +5000 members

    yes, we have another but you can check with alexa rank, is just a blog. 20 Unique visitors there. Nice $8 USD lol anyone more? :P
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    Forum for Sale +5000 members

    first because try to add the domain is banned that name. Second reputation is bad (what I think) is because I made some mistakes at the first of my registration. About the payment can be also with SEDO :) I'm just about curiosity how much it can cost.
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    Forum for Sale +5000 members

    Hello, I will add this message to see how much i can get for a forum of these statistics: Our users have posted a total of 46908 articles We have 5506 registered users Unique visitors: from 700-1100 Pageviews: 16000-33000 If I get a good amount of money for this forum I will sell it...
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    Who want to help us to spend our $$$?

    we can offer: (edite site) www. o u t w a r t i p s . net but we don't have paypal...(withour space)
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    In need of a sponser

    is a RPG game? text based? If yes We will.
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    Selling pcwebtalk.com

    I'm interested but I don't like the payment method.... And I can buy it for $30 USD. But sending a check for $30 will not be worth.
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    Check $1.99 Domain names

    This site is for one of our customers I checked and got shocked! so its like this... Sorry. But I entered and check the .biz offer and is good for around $6 bucks.
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    This is an error that I got when sign up. But I know is down right now. But I want to ask some question. We will be able to sell products and sell Services? How secure (anti-fraud) is? How is the percentage that you will get for each order?
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    Over 37,000 Pageviews/day $5 USD per 7 days

    Octuber 15 Will be finish this offer. If you want a direct link (backlink) to your site. You are welcome to pm. PR 3. And the forum is not allowed to post External links. You can see all links are between codes. So the PR3 will be to the first site that advertise with us.
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    Check $1.99 Domain names

    Check this out "deal of the day" www.googlelady.com
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    Over 37,000 Pageviews/day $5 USD per 7 days

    Pageviews per day: Over 37,000 Unique users per day: Over 720 Origin of traffic: United States Check the full statistics: http://www.adbrite.com/mb/commerce/purchase_form.php?opid=7459&afsid=1 Pay by credit card. If you want a full year advertising for $300 USD please pm Pay...
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    Anyone Know if

    2.95 (.info) domain names :) at http://www.webhostingreview.biz/168/ipower-getting-up/