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  1. JonnyH

    Which post2host script to use for my free hosting ?

    Hi enoughosting, THT is in a very slow but active development cycle. We do still look at any bugs, security concerns you may have with top priority. If you have any problems or bugs like mentioned, please refer them to me or one of the team. We'd be more than happy to get it fixed.
  2. JonnyH

    THT footer copyright?

    Oh thats fine. Sorry didn't know you had that intention. Feel free to contact me if you need any more help.
  3. JonnyH

    THT footer copyright?

    The code for the copyright was hidden for this reason mainly. All we ask for you as the web-master, is to remain the link to the website for understanding of where the tool came from. Although, the code to remove the powered by line is in variables.php and it's line 102. If you know basic...
  4. JonnyH

    The Hosting Tool Secure?

    Just to bump this thread. Schmarvin, if you have personal reports and security exploits you've found then please feel free to report these to me personally or the team. Although I'm not constantly active in development, I will personally ensure that the system is secure to use. I focused a lot...
  5. JonnyH

    Google Plus invite :D

    Just filled out the form. Jonny wants in on the fun :(
  6. JonnyH

    What are the best free web hosting sites?

    You have a business but you can't afford a couple of dollar for a website?
  7. JonnyH

    cPanel wants to 'eliminate' WHMCS

    I really don't see this going well. With how messy cPanel/WHM is at the minute all it's going to do is add confusion to their system. Can't they update their panel to the 21st century?
  8. JonnyH

    newbie help. Does size really matter?

    Alot of these are way high. A forum unless HUGELY popular will struggle to use 2mb in DB size. I'd say find the lowest values, around 100mb or so. You'll most likely get a genuine host.
  9. JonnyH

    A WHMCS P2H Module

    Cheers, English was never my subject of achievement.
  10. JonnyH

    Upgrading vBulletin

    I think its quite cool. The striking blue needs to be back but I prefer the layout.
  11. JonnyH

    Who loves windows 7?

    I got my copy free & genuine thanks to University. Regarding the corporation matter, I can't speak on behalf of companies but what I do know is any form of education I've been in has or currently upgrading. Including my campus.
  12. JonnyH

    A WHMCS P2H Module

    An Ads & Offers thread brought this to my attention. I finish my second semester in under a month, this may be a project for me when I finish if I see the right sort of attention. Who'd be interested, and if you are, what would you like to see in a P2H package for WHMCS? This would be a...
  13. JonnyH

    WHMCS P2H Module?

    You'd think there would be a commercial option for this. I may have to pick this up, in a month or so as an idea.
  14. JonnyH

    Alternatives to TheHostingTool?

    Apologies to kick up a 3 month thread, but I haven't been browsing much in the recent months. To say THT was mostly and nearly all developed by me in around 2 months without any big previous knowledge on database modelling or coding was a big task. To see where it is now is unbelievable but its...
  15. JonnyH

    What do most customers look for?

    I'd personally say, don't judge the book by its cover is a catchphrase what isn't applied to the hosting industry. A genuine unique look, with a solid review base and aplenty but genuine packages is a must.