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  1. deanhills

    SSD VPS hosting advantages?

    I've also heard SSD is faster and more efficient, but of course much more expensive than HDDs. Also I'd still like to know exactly how much faster it is for it to justify the higher cost, as I'd think common sense that would depend on all of the other technical components, hardware and software...
  2. deanhills

    Tips to Choose Best WordPress hosting

    My recommendation as a WordPress user of almost 10 years is to first get to know WordPress very well. I can recommend a really good training course that is run by a genuine WordPress expert in the business. The lessons include quality links to every resource under the sun that you would need...
  3. deanhills

    Most important factor in a Host?

    Reliable and available support through a smoothly functioning ticket system that responds well within 24 hours but preferably is very little used because everything is functioning 100%. Ticket system has to be manned by empowered tech specialists with the power to make changes at an Admin level...
  4. deanhills

    WHMCS Vs BoxBilling

    I'm wondering whether people can use Facebook for selling their services direct? Like instead of getting WHMCS? And use another way to do the accounting part of the Web service. It's just an idea that occurred to me while I was checking through a YouTube Tutorial a couple of weeks ago of how...
  5. deanhills

    how do you pay for hosting services?

    I only use PayPal. I find it the easiest and most hazzle free way to pay for all of my domain renewals and Web services. I use prepaid debit cards that I get from a super market, and once they are used up, I just add new ones to my PayPal. I don't receive any funds on my PayPal as I only have...
  6. deanhills

    VPS DNS question

    I use VestaCP for a panel to manage my VPS. Very easy to install. It's free and is supported by an actively supported forum (by the Admin of VestaCP) as well as a huge collection of documentation. VestaCP works with a combo of Nginx and Apache, Nginx making it very light in use of resources...
  7. deanhills

    VPS server in Europe and in the USA?

    My two favourite hosting companies in Europe are Contabo and Hetzner. My first choice would be Contabo. It is a serious server provider with location in Germany. It's been around for a number of years, and provides great technical support. They know their products back to front. My second...
  8. deanhills

    Free high spec VPSs for posts in return | 25posts to get a VPS | 20/m to keep VPS

    If you're tight for cash or can't afford to pay for a VPS, and you are able to post for hosting, why not consider posting for a free VPS? Below is a list of VPSs that are available for competition on the 1st of every month. There are plenty available for now with some decent specs. How it...
  9. deanhills

    how do you pay for hosting services?

    I prefer free hosting. There is so much free hosting available if one really looks for it, it's never really necessary to pay for hosting. However if you really want paid hosting, then I like to use PayPal as it seems to be a universally accepted payment method in the hosting world. It feels...
  10. deanhills

    Is dedicated server hosting necessary?

    Depends on what your objectives are but these days one can get huge VPSs for a fraction of the price of a dedicated server. For someone who isn't a real geek and on top of all of the security updates and latest technology, a VPS that is part of a really good server setup is much more secure and...
  11. deanhills

    What is SSL?

    SSL is a technology that encrypts the data between the domain, server and visitors - making it more secure. If we discuss SSL in Forums we're talking about the certificate that allows us to have that encryption enabled. These days SSL (Let's Encrypt) is free and automatic for domains that are...
  12. deanhills

    Coolest Place in world ever

    There are so many cool places. Right now I'm thinking of Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada. It's a 10 km Park that is completely surrounded by English Bay and Vancouver Harbour. 10 km meaning a sea wall that stretches right round the park and that has great views of English Bay, Lion's Gate...
  13. deanhills

    cheapest .com registrar

    I personally prefer to use a site that has been recommended to me for checking the best price for a domain among a variety or registrars. Like "best" prices varies all of the time. Site is http://domainsbot.com/. It's a great site actually as the main thrust of the site is to help you with...
  14. deanhills

    InstaFree.com - The Best Free Hosting. Period.

    @wswd Thank you for the detailed response. Must say I'm blown away as all that you have mentioned makes perfect sense to me and at least you are dealing with all of the spam accounts heads on. Well done! :cool: My curiosity is mostly peaked as I've been vetting posts for a long while and...
  15. deanhills


    I still miss the great free hosting directory there used to be up to approx 2012. I loved that I could filter all my requirements and find the exact quality host I needed. Good to see that the Forum is still a going concern.