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Why almost nobody offer php+MYSQL space to Traditional Chinese sites?

Discussion in 'Free hosting discussions' started by 3asv6, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. 3asv6

    3asv6 Member

    What are the reasons?!:doh!: :doh!:

    Last edited: Aug 2, 2006
  2. Eclouds

    Eclouds Marketing Guru NLC

    Space to trandition chinese sites??? What are you rambling about!
  3. 3asv6

    3asv6 Member

    I am talking about Traditional Chinese sites............
  4. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    1) Chinese people NEVER play to the TOS
    2) Chinese sites get DoSed ALL the time
    3) How can you moderate something you can't understand?

    I had to put a stop to Chinese sites on my paid hosting company before I sold my clients, they just don't care about the ToS or anything.

    80% of free Chinese clients will upload illegal software or use the space for some illegal purpose.
  5. 3asv6

    3asv6 Member

    Sorry, I can't see you ban Traditional Chinese sites in your TOS.
    This means that you accept Traditional Chinese sites? Can I
    apply for one account? How much space will I get?

    Thanks so much!

  6. Eclouds

    Eclouds Marketing Guru NLC


    You aren't going to get anything. Get over it...
  7. criticalx

    criticalx New Member

    Hello, I'm not trying to be pushy but you just said your reason number 3 that they don't understand english, that's why chinese people violates the TOS. Which in that case, you can't assume that "
    " Hey.. :lol: and how do you know if they really don't care about the TOS.
  8. influct

    influct b&

    thats not the point, the point is they dont abide to the tos, whether that be becuase they dont understand or dont care.
    most free hosts ban asia/china isps.
  9. criticalx

    criticalx New Member

    You got your point there. Well... but this goes the same with when chinese web hosting providers might not allow english sites too, for the reason we don't understand chinese characters. In most cases, those people who violates the ToS doesn't have any knowledge about stuff like illegal and copyright files.

    The reason why most free hosting providers wouldn't allow other languages is because they are afraid that one of his clients might violate the ToS. In which the owner of the hosting provider does not have the sufficient knowledge about the language his clients are using, (like for example chinese characters used in the forums).

    Lastly, if you have around 90 clients that are using chinese characters on your paid plan, and only 10 are using english, will you attempt to ban all of them? Well its your choice since it is your server :)

    I hope you all understand what I mean. There's another way on how to solve this case, and you just can't put a war among those people whom you think you don't trust.
  10. Craig

    Craig Lifes Good NLC

    Chinese sites = bad news
  11. mattie005

    mattie005 New Member

    I used to host a few chinese websites, and nearly all of them got suspended for breaking TOS.

    I no longer host chinese websites (just english)

    My advice? Dont host chinese websites!
  12. Richard

    Richard CRM Consultant Premium Member

    We do not allow any language other than English to be on our servers.
  13. vshost

    vshost b&

    This is the first reason I flame here.
    I will not tolerate things like this.
    If you look at the last posts in th "requests" forums, you will see that sme of the new requesters are requesting spanish.
    If you look at th offers forum, you will see that I flame the hosts that do not allow other languages than english..
  14. Chris L.

    Chris L. New Member

    How are we to track abuse in languages we do not understand (translators SUCK).
  15. xd3vilx

    xd3vilx New Member

    i host a chinese site, they upload a forum containing warez link...i suspend them and give them a final warning. One more time, i will terminate it. From then, i review throughly for chinese site application.
  16. influct

    influct b&

    You think thats unfair? I'll tell you whats unfair.
    A man with a gun to your head telling you to dance.oldman2
    but seriously: why should we host chinesse sites? all they cause is trouble!
    Tell me that and I'll gladly host you:p
  17. S!N

    S!N New Member

    why don't ya come to freeukhost.net, here we are brand new, starting all over again, so right now, you can sign up, no language restrictions, and no rasicm what so ever.Every one is treated equally.
  18. 122333

    122333 New Member

    make password at the TOS to make sure the client 100% understand English & read the TOS...
  19. build-a-host

    build-a-host 321Hosted.com NLC

    luis123456, once you have been in the business a while, you will understand.
    The chinese are notorius for being spammers, and also for the use of warez scripts or other copyright material.
    So lets say you host 1 chinese guy, he sends out 1 million spam emails, gets your server IP blacklisted, and your screwed!
    Long story short, if you want to stay in buisness, you will NOT host chinese websites AT ALL!
  20. criticalx

    criticalx New Member

    You think chinese people are annoying huh?

    Take a look at this thread:
    http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2170031 Looks like not only chinese people knows how to spam here :shame:

    and check out this link http://torrent.hackz.nl/ Large number of illegal torrent sites are made by non-chinese people (only 5-6 out of hundreds are chinese sites). Kazaa, limewire, azureus are some examples of p2p sharing of illegal stuffs, I'm sure that the developers of the softwares are not chinese. Not to mention those annoying spams I receive everyday on my yahoo mail talking about (pussy, cock, viagra stuff! :tired2: they should've used chinese characters to make people think that chinese are spammers)

    If you believe that english people from US are the only people who are qualified for hosting, then I suggest you do not allow people to sign up outside your country. (you better put this in your ToS that you only allow US sign ups). I suggest to close this annoying thread here please..
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