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WHMCS or HostBill?

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  • HostBill

    Votes: 14 15.7%

    Votes: 75 84.3%

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Until HostBill supports "Post2Host", I will stick with WHMCS and its large selection of community addons. No matter how complete a billing system is, there are always missing features that some must consider a deal breaker.

Seeing as almost all of the large Post2Host sites have pretty much died out in the last year or two because people would rather spend $2 a month for shared hosting, there's not much point in such a module IMHO. That being said, you're always free to script your own Post2Host module -- nobody is stopping you. There's no reason to fault the billing system just because it doesn't come with a Post2Host module by default.
i do use WHMCS and Hostbill as well.
I may feel that WHMCS is more user friendly and more flexible while you can find out that lot of this topic in other forum .
And most of them support WHMCS more than Hostbill.
I have one WHMCS and one HostBill. As many people think, I'll vote for WHMCS, but HostBill has enough features if you really don't have enough money to pay for WHMCS license.
Having used both - I can safely say I prefer WHMCS. The interface is cleaner, the software is much more flexible in terms of addons and customization, no tiers in terms of "unlocking" new features. The WHMCS pricing is straight forward and easy to understand (and doesn't keep changing).
I am using WHMC as well. However, there are some things that it just doesn't support, but all can be handled if you have a good technical staff. When talking about HostBill the better thing that I see more useful than WHMC is that it has more updates on software which is about 2 updates per one week.
WHMCS seems like the ındustry standard. Almost. But remember, competition is good for us. And we need hostbill, blesta, client exec around.
Owned WHMCS license here, no plans for change. Work's very well!

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Just wondering what you feel is best to use.

Right now, I am more to HostBill.
Why: Cheaper; Free live support module; Seems to have more features being built in quikcer than WHMCS is doing so; Something different

Against HostBill: WHMCS is more well known for reliabilty & stability.
Hostbill is better