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Which host after f2s

Discussion in 'Free web hosting requests' started by Albert, Dec 6, 2001.

  1. Albert

    Albert New Member

    Is there any fwp with similar features like f2s and no ads? To which fwp do you change?
  2. The Red Guy

    The Red Guy Dork NLC

    Spaceports come close, but they have ads. Multimania has PHP/MySQL but has huge ads. Prohosting has cgi, and lacks in PHP...
  3. tandoc

    tandoc tandoc tandoc NLC

    if you like to hang around message boards, your best bet would be myacen.com.au and get 100 or more on their forum [without spamming of course] and ask for free hosting. As you get more posts, they give you more features.

    Cool, eh :D
  4. langgam

    langgam New Member

    yeah, and a very good idea as to how to implement signing up for an account :)
  5. Cracker

    Cracker - NLC

    T35 comes close too, if you aren't bothered by the 150 kb file size limit and can stand the bare minimum of just ONE pop-under (the closest you'll get to ad-free these days).
  6. BlackDeath

    BlackDeath New Member

    i would say either spacetowns.com or PAID HOSTING
  7. Innocentius

    Innocentius New Member

    lol, i know many good freehosts... won't tell you though... it's your people fault that all the good hosts dissapears, ever thought about that?
  8. neG.oNe

    neG.oNe New Member

    where'd you here that?
  9. Blank Verse

    Blank Verse NLC NLC

    I agree completely...like now that people are advertising for Myacen, his servers will be bogged down in no time.
  10. dapcgenius

    dapcgenius New Member

    If u need a free host w/o ads w/ the same features as F2S ur dreaming... get paid hosting if u have a serious site...
  11. niv

    niv striking reality NLC

    Well, you do realize how free hosting works right? Jam people on the easiest to come by servers...and save the better ones for paid hosting, and another thing, you do know they have paid hosting plans, right? :confused2
  12. neG.oNe

    neG.oNe New Member

    yes indeed making them stay longer
  13. murat

    murat İ Ğ Ş Ç NLC

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