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When starting a new thread, indicate which programming language in title

Discussion in 'Programming Help' started by Peo, Feb 14, 2003.

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  1. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    To make it clearer what type of programming language you are having problems with or wish to know more about, please mention it in the subject of your thread.

    For instance:

    "PHP - Need help installing guestbook"

    If you don't know which programming language to use, or it's a general question not related to a specific language, write for instance:

    "OTHER - Need help installing guestbook"

    Thanks to Phyxisus for this idea. As usual, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about this.
  2. Cagez

    Cagez New Member

    Yeah, this would really help!

    Whenever I do my threads, I prefix it with the language in square braces, like
     My subject

    this id a good idea :)
  3. Dean

    Dean i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! NLC

    My Idea :D
  4. conkermaniac

    conkermaniac VIP NLC

    Wow! I just made two posts in the correct format, and I never knew that this thread existed. :p
  5. gary7

    gary7 New Member

    Uhm, how do I start a new thread??? Could you manually switch this to it's own thread??? I'm trying to install a php/javascript/html program on my website. I can't figure out how to make the files appear on the internet. The system says it's cpanel. I have no experience with this setup. How do I get the index.php show up on my public website? The file names are url_form.xxx, javascript.js, style.css, index.php and, phproxy.class.php. What folder do I put them in? The system already has an index.php which I suppose handles my website interface. Can I have two index.php files without overwritting the original??? Do I put the second index.php in another folder??? Does my website need the original index.php to function under Cpanel 9(?)?The website/cpanel has a public_html folder. Do I move my various files into this one?
    I couldn't get the Wyse Winterm to be recognized by my website's cpanel file manager. Fortunately, I have access to a real computer. Does anyone know how to setup files to run under cpanel???
  6. CAWUnited.com

    CAWUnited.com New Member


    Click on the New Thread Button right above the text: "Threads in Forum: Programming Help"
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