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What is your favorite car?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Delgado2009, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member NLC

    Are you going to put spinners on it?
  2. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    haha, only if they cost more than the car itself
  3. ssgsunny

    ssgsunny Member

    My fav car is Lamborghini Mucilage.
  4. rankmedia90

    rankmedia90 New Member

    I like BMW.
  5. webhostus

    webhostus Member

    I would like to drive Chevrolet Camaro.
  6. mikeee741

    mikeee741 New Member

    My favorite car is Audi A4.
  7. vamp1re

    vamp1re New Member

    i like BMW
  8. HenryATWL

    HenryATWL New Member

    I'm pretty simple. For reasons even I don't know, my favorite car is the Crown Vic Police Interceptor
  9. JoeAnderson

    JoeAnderson New Member

    I know that they are a pretty useless car in real life, but I'd love a Delorean. My family are from the part of Ireland where they made them, and the BTTF movies are my childhood.
  10. damianobrien

    damianobrien New Member

    ferrari 250GTO

    my favorite car is ferrari 250GTO
  11. volumedrive

    volumedrive New Member

    Pagani Zonda or the new McLaren P1
  12. James-Hurst

    James-Hurst New Member

    This may sound odd, but i would love to own a mk1 Granada or Mk1 Golf - nothing beat's a bit of old school :rolleyes2
  13. tomhardy

    tomhardy New Member

    My favorite car is BMW? but I have a Hyundai Sentro car
  14. Macaronni

    Macaronni New Member

    My favorite is Audi RS7
  15. NodePacket

    NodePacket New Member

    AUDI is way to go, it is new brand but damn good designs.
  16. sarmth

    sarmth Active Member

    I have to agree, Audi is a great brand!
  17. iBrightDev

    iBrightDev Jay Street NLC NLC

    uadi is NOT new, and is only good if you maintain it properly. it is very costly to maintain and own... i have owned 3. do NOT buy one if you have a honda civic budget. they require a lot of maintenance, and most parts HAVE to be purchase through the dealer.
  18. Dean26

    Dean26 Member

    Cadillac Deville 1959 and 1969
  19. FiveWires

    FiveWires New Member

    BMW is my best car...
  20. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    I'm extremely active in the Mustang scene. I own two 99 Ford Mustang cobras. One is complete, the other is a project car that I'm in the process of building.

    In case anybody is interested, here are some photos of my baby including the official documentation from Ford and the dyno sheet.











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