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What is Your Dream Country?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by hostgool, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Paris is not a country. :) I recently visited South Korea and it was nice. My dream country is the US. St Lucia looks nice too from those images.
  2. stuffradio

    stuffradio Super Moderator#1 NLC

    New York isn't a country either (though some may argue with me there :) ). I haven't decided what country I want to visit first. I haven't been off of NA. I almost want to visit a bunch of places outside of BC in Canada first so I can see what it's like.
  3. GreenHostBox

    GreenHostBox New Member

    I would love to visit Europe as I never went there before. I do want to revisit New York again.
  4. Macaronni

    Macaronni New Member

    trlarge suffering

    My dream country is Singapore
  5. SentoWeb

    SentoWeb New Member

    I was seriously considering New Zealand. I have heard of this beautiful country during the "Mega-scandal" and realized it would be an awesome country to live in... that until I realized that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are hardly considered special events... not like in this part of Europe where even a small earthquake can make it to the news.

    Plans switched, Australia is it. It seems to be a pretty nice place with several cultural cities.
  6. Ghulia

    Ghulia New Member

    a lot of countries has its own distinct appearances that attracts foreign visitors..that's the reason why we have different opinion regarding what dream countries is the best to visit or to settle down..well, for me, i will choose JAPAN because its beautiful amusement parks :sheep:
  7. sarmth

    sarmth Active Member

    Japan for sure. But then, I would also love to go to Egypt, Italy and Israel.
  8. BrownDragon

    BrownDragon Member

    Germany Great Britain to settle, to visit - whole Asia
  9. Gigarocket

    Gigarocket UFO Hunter NLC

    Canada for me, I live in the UK, it's not all that great anymore.

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  10. dadiehost

    dadiehost New Member

    My dream country is to see America, China, Malaysia, Australia and Switzerland because these are beautiful countries , terrific place to visit. I would love to go there and have a good trip/
  11. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    Anywhere that I can conduct business without big brother breathing down my neck...

    I hate tax season. [​IMG]
  12. Robs549

    Robs549 New Member

    I am pretty fortunate to have lived in 5 different countries and have traveled to more.

    But if I had to choose a place that I haven't been to already, I would have to say Tibet, Mexico, and anywhere in the middle east (although I know I'd have to be extremely careful about the last one). I'd really like to go to them all for very different reasons and they just seem like such amazing and culturally rich places.
  13. hellsing

    hellsing Member

    Well there are dream countries and countries I'd like to live in and the two aren't necessarily the same. I'm starting to get curious about Ecuador at the moment. Particularly on the Pacific Ocean side. Only drawback is I don't know a word of Spanish, which could be quite challenging for any visitor in Ecuador.
  14. webboy

    webboy New Member

    some beautiful pics above there, I love Hawai and area with lush green road tracks. dont like to stay in busy cities.
  15. Giancarlo

    Giancarlo NLC NLC

    I lived in Quito for three years... made it to Guayaquil, Otavalo, and Cuenca a couple of times. Of course the Galapagos are another major highlight of the country.

    As far as living in Ecuador, I was there when it had major economic problems and internal strife (1998-2000), and it should be doing better now under the more progressive leadership of Correa.
  16. MilesGeek

    MilesGeek Member

    I have been to Sydney and I think it is one of the best places to live. The climate is just perfect and people are extremely friendly.
  17. hellsing

    hellsing Member

    I'm totally fascinated by that guy. I had a taxi driver called Pablo (no less) drive me from Guayaquil to Manta on a Saturday morning. And Pablo was listening probably for two or more hours to Correa on the car radio with complete attention. I could not understand a word of what was said as I don't know Spanish, but it sounded pretty charismatic to me, caring, and I did make out portions about anti corruption. Really the kind of guy a country with a deep sense of religion could fall for, as he does come across as very paternalistic. The interview below that Julian Assange had with him in 2012 gives a very good flavour of him. Great sense of humour as well.

  18. belinda

    belinda Member

    I'm from Singapore but I would love to travel to America and Europe!
  19. Cloudfastservers

    Cloudfastservers New Member

    My dream country is Switzerland

    Switzerland is one the best country and safe for living enjoy nature , my favorite city are interlaken , geneva
  20. MrPink

    MrPink New Member


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