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What are the criteria for Free Hosting with NamePad?

Discussion in 'Free hosting discussions' started by deanhills, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. deanhills

    deanhills Member

    Does any one know what NamePad's criteria for Free Hosting are. I can't understand why they are listed in the Free Hosting Directory. Ever since a trusted FFS member had recorded a good experience with them a year or more ago, I've been checking in at their Website and there is ALWAYS a notice that they are "currently" not accepting free hosting requests:

    Source: http://www.namepad.net/site/

    Then a couple or more months ago, I thought my lucky day had arrived. They were finally OPEN for accepting applications. I applied very enthusiastically and got rejected - probably for the first time ever by a Free Hosting service. So am VERY curious to know why I was rejected for free hosting. I did write to them, but there was no response.

    Exactly what are the criteria for free accounts with them, and should they be listed in the Free Hosting directory as they very RARELY are open for free accounts. At the time when I applied the offer for free hosting had been open for a few weeks, but I can't help being very cynical about it. Did they accept applications for Free Hosting during that time? And if yes, what was it that made them reject my application and accept another? What are the criteria for qualifying for free Website space with NamePad?
  2. Tyler

    Tyler Well-Known Member NLC

    Did you application include anything in this policy? If so, that would be the reason you were rejected. If not, could you explain to us what your application contained?

    I don't think the mods remove hosts once they are in the free hosting directory. I mean, my old host is still listed there despite the fact it's been dead for a year or two now.
  3. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    We do remove defunct hosts when we notice it but there are thousands of hosts to monitor so it takes time. And some hosts hide/don't wish to mention that they've closed down which makes it harder. Hosts who wish to get their listing removed can contact me and I'll have it removed. A lot of users also report listing errors to us directly from the listing page.

    I'm not aware of the current situation with Namepad, but I have heard from people who claimed to have received accounts not too long ago. Then again as you mention they rarely are open for new signups. We'll see what happens but if it's confirmed that they no longer offer free hosting, it will get removed.
  4. Namepad

    Namepad Member

    Well there is a first for everything.

    deanhill am not going to get into a debate here. We have been around for over 5+ years and we currently do not have any open slots because in our opinion we are full. So I should over load our servers just to accommodate you. No thanks, I will stick with what has been working for us. It would seam you were rejected for some reason and now your here to pout. We open up our requests publicly when there is room, and the fact that it does not happen as often as you like is a testament in its self. I am not going to overload our space, it is not fair to our current user base.

    Peo, we still give out accounts by support ticket or by invitation. Our public offering is closed at his time so I should be removed because I am full ?
  5. deanhills

    deanhills Member

    I'm most certainly not asking you for space in this thread. I applied and I was rejected end of story. I however don't think it is unreasonable to ask you what the criteria for acceptance are. Let's look more positively at this, what is it that makes you accept an application for free hosting when you are inviting people to apply? Or what makes you reject an application for free hosting when you are inviting people to apply?

    To be honest, I have more free website space than what I really need and am more than happy with my free host. I was just intrigued as you came so highly recommended, and I thought you had to be something really special, so thought to apply. Maybe you are, but I certainly don't see you as a free host. More like a paid host with occasional free hosting and an application system that I can't figure out at all.
  6. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    It comes down to the question if you accept new free accounts and if you do, how to get an account. If visitors from this site don't really have a shot at getting a free account, what's the point of listing you? Maybe they do, but I'm a little confused about that.
  7. Namepad

    Namepad Member

    I would go ahead and remove me then.

    We are full, I can not change that. I have though put away some extra free space so I can selectively offer non profits and others room from this as well as other forums and social outlets.

    When I have space available again to offer to the general public , I will re-open the sign up requests and the criteria will be listed.

    With all due respect, (and I do sincerely mean that) I do not know have to make it any more less confusing.

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