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What are all of your connection speeds?

Remy Canad

New Member
So what do you all got?

At home I just got a 56k. But when I need to download some thing and dont want to get it from work, I just hook up the other phone line to my other modem and double my speed.

At work I get to use a t1 and that is where I do all my downlaoding and bring it home on a zip. And at school, its the same way but there is no way to get it home :(

I "could get" cable but the damn monoply the cable comapany is they charge by the hour. And theres no whay I am going to pay by the hour.
I'm on Optus@Home cable, @Home's Australian branch... it's meant to be capable of 2Mb/S... can't get it above three 400kb/s downloads though... dammit...


New Member
I have a 10mb/sec wireless microwave connection, for $59.99 a month, it is really good, and the only thing faster then 56K in my whole city, other then cable on one street in the whole place, :(
but it is a kick ass connection :D


Two Sheds

56k for me.
It costs me a whopping $42.95 a month!!! (Australian Dollars) and thats with a download limit of 500 meg.

I have to pay 30 cents for each extra meg, and last month I went over it by 200 meg... ahem.

I also have a free ISP that I use from 1am' - 8ams which is 56k. Thats sweet too.


New Member
I used to have modem that downloaded at 1.5Kbytes/sec because of the phone lines, now I have cable (woohoo) and download at 350Kbytes/sec. On speed tests, my cable ranks higher than a T-1. My provider is road runner if you were wondering. Its very fast :)