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Truth about free hosts

Discussion in 'Free hosting discussions' started by elitewebs, May 19, 2006.

  1. elitewebs

    elitewebs New Member

    I don't understand how all these free hosts are able to offer so much space and bandwidth with no ads. I own a free hosting company and offer

    -200mb storage
    -5gb bandwidth
    -PHP, MySql, CGI, Perl
    -Cpanel and fantastico
    Text ads across the top

    I'm only making enough to cover the server bill
  2. gbwebhosting

    gbwebhosting New Member

    The ones that oversell almost never last more than a year or so before they shutdown and leave everyone stranded.
  3. .Joe.

    .Joe. Yours Truly NLC

    Thank you kdp20 for bringing this up.

    I only offer most of the time 2gb Bandwidth for FREE! &, 300mb Space for FREE! The features are okay, but I still place ads on these FREE! services. I don't oversell so that's what I offer.

    And yes, my ads that are imposed only really cover the bill. Maybe sometimes a bit of profit.
  4. [JSH]John

    [JSH]John JSHosts.com NLC

    Some free hosts might offer paid plans or pay to remove ads that might also help them to offer more space and bandwidth.
  5. elitewebs

    elitewebs New Member

    I see hosts offering 2gb storage 20gb bandwidth with no ads. That's just asking for trouble
  6. .Joe.

    .Joe. Yours Truly NLC

    Ayh, never really thought of that. Using paid plans and cutting the profits to put on the free hosting services. Or, yes. Paying to remove the ads. I like that :D
  7. elitewebs

    elitewebs New Member

    If you were getting Huge amounts of resources for free with no ads, why would you upgrade to a paid plan?
    Last edited: May 19, 2006
  8. Lipsofgrace

    Lipsofgrace New Member

    Just know that free hosts will most likely never be as reliable as a paid one. You get what you pay for. Of course for a few exceptions.
  9. James-A

    James-A Active Member

    There are two types of free host
    1. Host provide free hosting and place adds.
    2. Host provide free hosting and place no adds.
    I think we can't call the first host as a free host bcoz he is offering hosting packages and in return he is gaining a media for the advertisment purpose but what about the second one why he is offering free hosting, what is his aim behind that?
  10. X3r0X

    X3r0X New Member

    Free hosting means you dont transfer any funds to the webhost provider, thus both plans are entirely free.
  11. elitewebs

    elitewebs New Member

    Your paying $0.00 for a hosting account. That makes it free.
  12. ewhost

    ewhost New Member

    Hmmm, Lycos and Yahoo seemed quite reliable to me....
  13. amz

    amz b&

    Well I don't know about the others but we have been providing free
    hosting for more 9 years without any advertising!

    We own 67 hosting services which includes many paid commercial
    hosting services and the excessing profits for each of those
    services is diverted into funding for our free hosting projects so
    we have never really seen any need for any kind of advertisements.
  14. Dan

    Dan Bullah NLC

    Yep, that's what we do.
  15. alley

    alley Social Nutwork NLC

    I think some people (free hosts) just like to help other people out if they can afford it and fund the free hosting themselves. They probably enjoy having their own community and being in control of it. They are probably not in it for the money as they have a day job or other means of income like their own business.

    I don't think either or is a bad thing. Free hosting is free hosting and that is a good thing no matter how long the free hosting company lasts. Of course it is always better if they can stick around for the long haul.

  16. ZoomCities

    ZoomCities IT Community NLC

    Thanks alley. You save me from posting up ;) That is how ZoomCities works. Fully funded by my day job and I enjoy building and helping the community

  17. EnacheVladian

    EnacheVladian New Member

    i find it hard to believe but hey, im a football adicted, why can't exists webhosting addicts ? :)
  18. ZoomCities

    ZoomCities IT Community NLC

    :) No such thing as webhosting addicts, what we are doing at ZoomCities is an act of good will by helping members who are in search and need of reliable & fast web hosting.... Because I was once like them too. Now that I am capable of providing such service, I would like to share it with the active members of the ZoomCities Community. After they got hosted with ZoomCities, they never looked somewhere else :)

    So providing free host without any money making ads, members donation or other means of monitary contribution truly do exist, here at ZoomCities! :)

  19. xd3vilx

    xd3vilx New Member

    Hmm, if you think those person doesn't exist than you are wrong...it is same like doing charity work, many don't get paid for yet they enjoy doing what they like the most...sometime in order to live in a meaningful and happy life you shouldn't expect a return for everything you do...
  20. alley

    alley Social Nutwork NLC

    Good point! ... I agree

    I would love to become a free host one day, but I can't afford it right now. So I think I will start by becoming a paid host and see how that works out. Maybe one day it can fund my free hosting service if I am lucky enough?


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