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ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

Candidate for the Shortest Correspondence in History.

Victor Hugo (checking upon the sales of his novel) ?
His Publisher (Reporting the fantastic sales results) !
Very Random lol!! Hope my posts are helpful. aHAHAHA!!

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Oh By the way... Happy New Year! Everybody.... hope all the enterprises and businesses will have ongoing successes in this year.:lol:
A new update on mtwiscool, this is an email from his VPS provider.

This email concerns customers who were under the QualityServers brand only. New UKCloud customers can disregard it completely. Please read it carefully.


Shared hosting customers: we're giving you a free upgrade to a cloud-based shared hosting environment. The migration is going now and you'll need to make sure your nameservers, if you're using your own ones, are updated to the IP


Dedicated/colo customers: we're maintaining your accounts as normal.


SHOUTcast/gameserver/VPS customers: please keep reading.



Dear Customer,


As many of you are aware, we've had some hardware problems recently on a number of our servers. These problems have been mounting up recently and I've been running around trying to fix everything but unfortunately the issues are spiralling out of control (RAID failures, disk failures, corrupted disk images, poor disk IO etc) so we've had to rethink how we're going to approach them.


I'd like to start by giving you some more background. When we started up, I was the one funding everything purely out of a clerk's salary, so although experience was there from my last venture, money was tight. Despite that, we were keen to appeal to customers by offering great value for money, and to do this we decided to purchase our own hardware. We couldn't afford new hardware so we bought used hardware, which was 'ok' but not ideal (mainly Dell PE 1950 and Intel SR1550 servers in case you were wondering).


Disk IO was always fairly poor even with optimal arrays, so things were generally fairly slow. This wasn't ideal but we expected customers to have some understanding given our prices. Unfortunately very recently following all of the failures it has become apparent that the disk IO was poor not because the servers were a little old, but because the disks and controllers were of poor quality and were on their way out.


By this point we had already deployed our new cloud (and thanks to our now increased budget - we used new and much better and servers), and most of the customers whose monthly fees were suitable have already been moved over following our advice. This has left a lot of half empty nodes on the old system which despite begin half empty are still performing badly, and a lot of customers left over who are just not paying enough for us to warrant giving them free upgrades either to our cloud or to better hardware unfortunately. Likewise, maintaining the old hardware is so time-intensive that it's probably more expensive than giving the free upgrade.


Given the above situation we find ourselves in and following some discussions within our company, we have decided to discontinue the traditional VPSs for both new and existing customers effective immediately. I would advise you to:

- Get your data if you still can,

- Open a ticket under our Customer Service department for a prorated refund, bearing in mind we have deployed around 2000 traditional VPSs to date so we're expecting a lot of tickets,

- Consider our cloud if you want to stay with our company - we'll try and work with you on the price where possible and handle the migration for you,

- Consider the following providers who I can recommend, if the cloud is too expensive for you even after working with us on the price: BurstNET, VooServers (UK only), DMBHosting (UK only).


And of course I would like to apologise for all of the above - it's as bad for us as a company as it is for you as we'll be losing a decent chunk of the customer base we've worked hard to build up and no doubt will be swamped with angry comments etc. in the next few days. I would also like to assure you that we did intend to keep the old platform going but did not anticipate there being this many issues with it.


We have until the 31st of this month with our existing colocation contracts, after which we will be selling off our old servers, however I would urge you to move now to avoid problems. We will not be offering any more technical support for VPSs on the old platform.






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