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The first name you registered?

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by hostaddonltd, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. hostaddonltd

    hostaddonltd New Member

    What is the first domain name you ever registered? And why did you register it? I had my first website set up at geocities way back in 2000. When it bean to get a lot of traffic i decided to get it is own identity and its own host, so i regged doonibhai.com it was a fun name for me and i used the website for free stuff, such as free resources etc...WHat is you first name?
  2. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    I still know that one, its was BrutaleMeiden.nl :D
  3. Techkid

    Techkid New Member

  4. RefriedHosting

    RefriedHosting New Member

    moochicken.com :( too bad i didn't renew it after 2 years
  5. JerrickYeoh

    JerrickYeoh New Member

    my firstname i register would be my own name jerrickyeoh.com for my personal blog. Even thought i do not use much on it but atleast i protect my name being use by others. And if i type my name on Google, atleast my blog come to the 1st SERP.
  6. Tracker

    Tracker PROFILE NOT FOUND Staff Member NLC

    themodshop.net ..... random tech stuff!
  7. HostMafia

    HostMafia New Member

    at first, i made a gaming website, with name of gamejungle.net, that was my first domain name, and it was too expensive at that time,

    must have been before 2005,
    i was 16 back than :p
  8. TheBlueGuy

    TheBlueGuy New Member

    twzwarriors.com, it was for my squadron in an online game 8 years back. Really brings a smile to your face when you remember these things. Good topic haha props!
  9. purplemunkie

    purplemunkie New Member

    I think the first domain i registered was chatrevolution.com, i figured out how to host digichats and the addiction to building websites begun......many many domains after that
  10. BrandonTheG

    BrandonTheG CEO NLC

  11. intuitive

    intuitive New Member


    never develop it till now as i am focusing on my other domain
  12. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    The first domain I registered was freewebspace.net on 23-mar-1998.
  13. homer7

    homer7 New Member

    i don't remember !! wtf
  14. J J

    J J Member


    However, I let it slip into the abyss.
  15. stuffradio

    stuffradio Super Moderator#1 NLC

    I registered wuensche.ca in 2002. As soon as I get more Summer like weather, I will start updating it with food growing stuff.
  16. HostMafia

    HostMafia New Member

    i registered highlycompreesedgames.net in 2004-05, not sure about the time.
    it was for my blogger blog, which was getting nice traffic, i baught it from my first adsense income :p. its obsolete now.
  17. raja77

    raja77 New Member

  18. [JSH]John

    [JSH]John JSHosts.com NLC

    I registered jslane.net in 2005. It used to be a graphic and web design forum, but as it started to die down (less people posting etc) it was changed to a personal blog and now a tech related blog. I should really post on there more often!
  19. TheBoss

    TheBoss New Member

    My first Domain was leesfreesbies.com man those where the days.
  20. jalley

    jalley New Member

    I don't think so that name is bad. I think it is good name. By the name it looks that you have shop of chicken. Is it so?

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