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Sites that work

Discussion in 'Ad Revenue' started by animal, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. animal

    animal New Member

    I keep reading around the net of people making $1,000's through adsense and our sites are brilliant blah blah, but no one ever shares their urls to see these fantastic websites..

    so do you make a good amount of money on your website or blog?

    If can could you share with us your url so we can get to have some ideas etc

    thanks :)
  2. Delgado2009

    Delgado2009 Member

    Maybe $1k in a year... But you can make $1k in a month more easily through Google Affiliate Network. :)
  3. animal

    animal New Member

    ok, thanks I will have a look at the affiliate network
  4. Seraphim

    Seraphim Active Member

    It's all in brute force volume of traffic, and having good regular content additions to maintain that traffic.

    The ads being used by my web hosting are bringing in a regular amount of money too now, though it still takes a while to save up enough to trigger a payout.
  5. katalog13

    katalog13 New Member

    It`s possible to earn much more, but nobody won`t show you their profitable sites coz it`s business.
  6. tnhamanda

    tnhamanda New Member

    Many peoples earn more than $1k from google adsense but you need to have decent traffic and proper ads position.
  7. animal

    animal New Member

    Thanks... we are slowly building up ours
  8. SentoWeb

    SentoWeb New Member

    Please remember that you don't necessarily have to rely on others to generate revenue. If you want to increase your revenue you should consider other monetization methods, building up a newsletter list, facebook fanpage - in order to "use" your existing audience to promote new websites, services. Wouldn't it be nice if your 1k/month website could instantly help you build another 1k/month websites? I bet it would.
    publyfe likes this.
  9. kiddoman

    kiddoman New Member

    I am interested in Google affiliate network but I don't have any ideas on it.
  10. Dynash

    Dynash It gets better. NLC

    I've made £30 through AdSense in about 2 years... which is cool considering my site is personal and not advertised much, and it's targeted to specific people.

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