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select a domain name

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by nilfum, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. nilfum

    nilfum New Member

    how to select a domain name for my website? please suggest me by giving answers. thanks
  2. dedideals

    dedideals New Member

    What do you mean? How to think of the ideas or what to use to check/order?
  3. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Member

    what domain you require?
  4. asifarasool

    asifarasool New Member

    Choose a domain name w.r.t your business and check its availability in domain checker and finally select it. prefer a short domain easy to remember having your business keyword in it.
  5. CanSpace-Tom

    CanSpace-Tom New Member

    Keywords in a domain are not necessary these days. Google doesn't look at that anymore. Depending on your website, your domain should either be your company's name or a phrase related to it.
  6. Rado_Ch

    Rado_Ch Member

    Not entirely necessary - yes!
    Google doesn't look it anymore - not entirely correct!

    Indeed, after the Penguin and the EMD updates from Google, the importance of keywords in the domain name has decreased, but that doesn't mean they hold no value at all, its just that the value of branding domains increased. If you can still find a domain that has both branding and keyword value - then that is your best bet!
  7. Leapswitch

    Leapswitch New Member

    Go for a domain name which relates to your business type and extensively searched by vistitors while finding the kind of products/services you offer. This will also help you in getting good rankings.
  8. ehostingpk

    ehostingpk Member

    Keywords in a domain are not required these days. Google do not see at that anymore. based on the your website, your domain should either be your company's name or a phrase related to it.
  9. johnalter

    johnalter New Member

    The four things you should consider when choosing your domain name are:
    The Human Perspective
    You want a domain that’s simple to read, simple to say, and simple to remember. It also helps if it’s easy to type.
    The Brand Perspective
    You’re always going to want people to know what you’re about in the shortest amount of time possible.
    Domain Extensions
    Back in the day there were a handful of choices – .com, .net, .org, etc, and a lot of them had extra extensions depending on what country you were in.
    Just about everyone is looking to rank well in Google to help all those people searching for exactly what your blog provides. If you’ve got a clever and funny blog name but it has no bearing on your actual content, then your URL is not going to be the first few options a searcher sees when they’re looking for what you’ve got.

  10. nomanali

    nomanali Member

    You need to keep number of factors while choosing a domain name. It should be short, concise, relevant to your business or website and memorable.
  11. boyfrenship91

    boyfrenship91 New Member

  12. zoomzoom

    zoomzoom New Member

    A good domain name can describe exactly your product or service and your audience can easily remember it.

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