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Search Engine Submission

Discussion in 'Site Promotion / Search Engine Optimisation' started by GeorgeB, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. GeorgeB

    GeorgeB Chairman/CEO TMCG NLC

    What is the best Search Engine Submission software out there?
  2. cassiejmiller

    cassiejmiller New Member

    Traffic Seeker is one. There are lots too but I prefer to submit my URL's manually just to be sure.
  3. asimadeel

    asimadeel New Member

    I like most Traffic Seeker.
  4. happyman

    happyman New Member

    I do it manually too, Google, Yahoo and Bing - that's about it, isn't it? What others do people do?
  5. happygarg

    happygarg New Member

    There are many tools on internet but I suggest you to submit your links manually because the tools and software don't submit your links in more accurate category and it is a most important part of submission. I submit my links manually in Google, Bing, Yahoo.. etc search engines.
  6. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    I prefer IBP (Internet Business Promoter).
  7. GeorgeB

    GeorgeB Chairman/CEO TMCG NLC

    I did it manually for Google, and some other one...so far, just having to enter the url and captcha code. Not to bad. The yahoo/bing one, I have to fill out a page submission form.
  8. wsac

    wsac Active Member

    Sometime I doing manual or I use script that submit to the search engines
  9. JerrickYeoh

    JerrickYeoh New Member

    TOP 3 Search Engine Submission & Optimization Software
    in 2012:

    All-in-One Submission
    SEO Suite -- (APEX Promotion Software)
    IBP- Internet Business Promoter
  10. mtoagtechnology

    mtoagtechnology New Member

    Best software

    Hi SEO is meant to be done manually without using any software so the rank is also allotted finely. If you tried using any software then there can be a risk of getting your site penalized if you tried attempting any black hat using software then it is not fine.

  11. jennyjackson

    jennyjackson New Member

    You really do not need to use any kind of software to submit your site to the search engines. You can create a blog and ping a new post - that might get your blog indexed. Or, get links to your site.
  12. John_M

    John_M New Member

    I have always just done it manually. It is not like it is that hard to submit your site to a search engine anyways. :shame:
  13. lucky00

    lucky00 New Member

    I personally think that is best which you have to pay less amount, for that
  14. lucky00

    lucky00 New Member

    It is more preferable that you have to submit it manually
  15. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    Why is that? I submit to all 488 major search engines within 5 minutes of time.
    If you do want to do that manual, I wish you good luck.
  16. weblaunch

    weblaunch New Member

    My favorite is IBP.
  17. maxsamuel

    maxsamuel New Member

    i too do all the search engine submission manually. as i think doing things manually gives good result in getting index by search engine.
  18. steven peter

    steven peter New Member

    There is no doubt that that IBP is best seo tool for site submission and analysis .
  19. ClickSSL

    ClickSSL New Member

    I mostly prefer to submit my website manually to the search engine directories than using any tool.
  20. rogers124

    rogers124 New Member

    You discern, search engine submission services, can be incapacitated in your web based or online site? They are comparatively lowly business venture. Do you know why?

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