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reviews on the website

Discussion in 'Host Talk' started by Santrex_, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Santrex_

    Santrex_ New Member

    Do you place reviews of your customers on your website?
  2. Tyler

    Tyler Well-Known Member NLC

    No. Why bother? Nobody is going to care about reviews on your site; what they will care about is reviews on a review site where they can't be forged or modified to make the host look good.

    It's like your signature. You claim Santrex.net has been around since 2001 but the domain was created in 2008. Plus, reviews take up valuable room on the page that could be used for something else.
  3. PanosZ

    PanosZ New Member

    Many providers use testimonials on their site. Many viewers see them, but they prefer to find reviews from forums. A lot of times the most of testimonials are fake and of course they are positive.
  4. Canny Host

    Canny Host New Member

    No, we don't place customer review on our site. Becasue people does not care that type of review.
  5. Schmarvin

    Schmarvin Cross Industries NLC

    No, based on research, it actually does more harm to put testimonials on your site. Why? Posting testimonials makes your business biased, usually because they will only be positive reviews or reviews created by people within the business. I just let the customers decide for themselves.
  6. DH Mart

    DH Mart New Member

    Putting customer testimonial on the own website is very bad idea.
  7. Webcs-Peter

    Webcs-Peter Member

    I think it's not necessary to do.
  8. 1paket

    1paket New Member

    All depends on the company itself IMHO.
    Sometimes it can be useful.
  9. petergm

    petergm New Member

    I personally dont. Some people might even get scared away by the thought of the company placing the testimonials and reviews themselves. I do think it can be worth trying out in some places.
  10. DWHS

    DWHS New Member

    Almost all of them, we have a scrolling page of comments and reviews that date back to 2001.
  11. Epidrive

    Epidrive Member

    Nope, but we do accept feedbacks using the ticket system of WHMCS. But we do not publish it.
  12. aars14

    aars14 New Member

    Surely, placing them speaks for your performance and how you are dealing with customers and it's a sure thing to build trust with new customers
  13. Natcoweb

    Natcoweb Member

    I think it's good to place reviews on the website. Why not?
  14. kunnusingh

    kunnusingh Member

    If your visitors come to your site by searching a "super alpha master reseller account at $0.20/m" then they will ignore all negative or positive reviews :lol:
  15. harrie

    harrie New Member

    Reviews are a reflection of how others have successfully used your web hosting and are still using them.

    Always provide the mail address and the websites of those who provides reviews and testimonials so that others interested can contact them and get more insights about your web hosting.
  16. kvchost

    kvchost Member

    I think it's good to place reviews on the website.
  17. smc_

    smc_ New Member

    Testimonials are kind of a touchy subject because they can be falsely written. But genuine testimonials should include the person's name and active website they can be reached at without question. Genuine testimonials that are outdated (they no longer run that website, not online as much) should be removed from your list. In my own opinion, I wouldn't rely to heavily on testimonials, but rather the good customer service you advertise and act on.

    That will speak for itself.

  18. jeff-ay

    jeff-ay New Member

    In my opinion have to carefully justify all the reviews you saw as now a day many fake review around.
    You smart justification will determine the right host being choose. The main is never try never know.
  19. Webcs-Peter

    Webcs-Peter Member

    I think it's not bad to have reviews on the website.
  20. ali ashraf

    ali ashraf Member

    it's good to place reviews on the website.

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