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Review My Pagerank Checking Site

I made this pagerank checking Site it has a web directory categories alphabetically and by pagerank all of you will get one back link from this website . you can also write review on others website.

Free Webdirectory And Review Rating Website www.thepagerank.net



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This design and layout of the site is really nice, and the information provided about the page rank is accurate as well, only problem i have is i cant seem to find the link to add sites to the directory..


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Nice information for me, so I can check my own domain rank,

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Cheap Bastard

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should be careful with all those links - first impression was "whoa, parked domain, get out". I realise it's your function, but this would be prevented by switching the links with the pagerank image thing. Perhaps split those 10 in two (10-6, 5-1, next to each other), and make the search box more compact (so your screen'd be split 3 ways instead of the current 2). Just an idea, not necessarily better, just thought it'd be worth checking out (i think you could get that on top then, and still have all your links visible on a 768 high screen resolution).

Site itself looks old, but good old, and also looks very functional. So yes, old, but i think in a good way.

Bit confused though. Search box says "Google Pagerank", site says it's yours, the images claim it's Alexa... :eek3: Bwuh?
Also, your "20 random website" has 40 links below it :biggrin2:


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I agree, it odes look somewhat like a parked domain still what with the directory and all.

No idea how to remedy that, but it's a pretty good site in general.
thanx for you comment. but please help me to improve it.
i m getting 1000 unique visitor per day and making 2$/day is it ok if not how to increase it


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Oh, well blend your ads better, right now they're clearly ads.
What you want to do is kill the orange (make them like the blue links), break them up, and move them down the page closer to the content. Try an adsense link unit right in the middle of the link directory also.