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Review a design

Discussion in 'Review my webdesign' started by Keagle, May 29, 2007.

  1. Keagle

    Keagle NLC NLC

    I made the design - but I no longer own the site, I sold it. However - I would like your opinions on the design, I'd like to know if my work is good or not! It's a proxy :tired2:

    EDIT: Isn't loading at this time. Might do when you try - as I said, I don't own it.

    Please rate out of 10, tell me how to improve, so that my next works can be better.

    Could you also rate the themes on Qeewi?


    Thank you!
    Last edited: May 29, 2007
  2. Matt8

    Matt8 All? No, ALL! NLC

    I am afraid the site does not connect to me.
  3. Keagle

    Keagle NLC NLC

    What about Qeewi? I understand Firoxy is down, but that's my favourite design :( Damn buyer.
  4. AvailNetworks

    AvailNetworks Greetings NLC

    actually I think both of them are great! very very nice clean work.
  5. cmartin

    cmartin New Member

    I think both of them look great, particularly Qeewi. :) Both are very clean, simple, and slick. If I had to choose a favorite, I would pick Qeewi, simply because it has a bit more flavor.

  6. TSO

    TSO freezoka.ws NLC

    firoxy is too disconnected. There is no logical flow on the homepage.

    As for the themes, they're just not that impressive either. Sorry. :(
  7. Keagle

    Keagle NLC NLC

    Thanks ;) Firoxy was better, before the new owner decided to put huge ads on it.

    Thanks to Avail and cmatin :)
  8. Kwek

    Kwek Devious Deviant NLC

    I prefer the themes on Qeewi, but I guess that is because there are too many ads which is placed improperly on Firoxy IMHO.
  9. BSmith

    BSmith New Member

    do you have screenshots of the site you can link to?

    one site looks nothing like what everyone is describing and the other one doesn't load the stylesheet fully for me at this time... so I doing think I am seeing either of them as they were to be reviewed.
  10. DarkBlood

    DarkBlood NLC NLC

    Firoxy is having problems with my Ubuntu/FF2. Is it SUPPOSED to look like this?

    Stupid No IMG BBCode

    If so, it's horrible. It makes Qeewi look good.

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