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Requesting Cpanel Shared Host With DDoS Protection

Discussion in 'Web hosting requests' started by Yahpoolerz, Aug 10, 2015.

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  1. Yahpoolerz

    Yahpoolerz Active Member


    I am starting to make some money with adsense. I currently host a dedicated server with Host Pair.

    While the service is absolutely excellent, my website tends to get attacked on a regular basis because it holds the gaming genre and we don't need the resources yet.

    These are my requirements which can be lowered or raised depending on the host:

    - cpanel
    - dedicated ip
    - DDoS protection (10 GPS or more)
    - 20+ GB disk space
    - 250+ GB bandwidth
    - daily automated backups (if possible)
    - 10+ add-on domains (if possible)
    - 10+ mySQL databases (if possible)

    If you do not have all these features but do provide DDoS protection on shared plans, please post your offer anyway or make a custom offer for me. I am looking to host multiple sites and the plan is to upgrade once required. I am paying for the whole year at once and will continue to pay yearly.

    Your DDoS Protection is valued a great deal. I have discovered sites such as BuyVM and ram node but could not find a host who does this on shared aside from a couple I've been browsing but haven't made a decision yet.

    Thank you.


    Bradley Padgett
  2. hostbrink

    hostbrink Member


    We can provide you DDoS protection upto 100Gbps for free with shared hosting account. You can have 50 GB of Disk space, 500 GB of Bandwidth, 10 Add-on Domains & 10 MySql Database @ €9.99/month. Dedicated IP will be charged @ €2/month If you are interested do let us know, we would be happy to provide you customized package.
  3. Yahpoolerz

    Yahpoolerz Active Member

    Hello, I have replied to your inbox message.

    Sounds good. So this plan for $100/year? (from your inbox message)
  4. All i can say is you are better off with a vps.
  5. Host-Array

    Host-Array New Member

    Hello Bradley,

    Host-Array.com can offer you one of our four shared hosting plans,
    you can take a look at them on our site and pick one that suits you, our prices don't go higher than £3.99. A dedicated IP is an extra £1.50 per month and we provide good free DDos protection to an extend Layer 7 300GBps.

    Luke Daniels
  6. Yahpoolerz

    Yahpoolerz Active Member

    I have found several vps hosts who fit my budget for my main website. I still need a shared host for the other websites I plan on trying to make adsense money with.

    Thank you Luke Daniels. I will definitely check this out.

    Let me ask you, is there a i/o usage limit from cloudlinux on your server? A notice a lot of hosts who offer what you do tend to put outside limits on the hosting.

    I should be able to host the minimum bandwidth on your first plan. If you can agree with that I will consider you as a possibility.

    HostBrink seems to be more convincing due to their bandwidth limits. You may want to consider putting limits on your bandwidth as I believe it will attract more potential customers.

    Answer that question when you get the chance and I'll give it some thought.

    Thank you.

    * Still taking offers *
  7. Host-Array

    Host-Array New Member

    No, there is no limits. If a user is abusing the system limits automatically get put in place on their client account. So that no other customers are affected.

    Thank you for your suggestion, my team and I are looking into potential upping to around 300GB+ traffic.

    Yahpoolerz likes this.
  8. Host-Array

    Host-Array New Member

    We've now lifted our Smallbox plan to 75GB Traffic
    Yahpoolerz likes this.
  9. Hostingsource

    Hostingsource Member

    Now, people no longer believe that cheap hosting plans are synonymous with low quality and poor service.
  10. HostPair

    HostPair Member

    We are going to add DDos Protection on our shared server soon.
    sander k likes this.
  11. bakulaw123

    bakulaw123 New Member

    Based on your request, the one I recommend is 4Goodhosting. My experience with this host has been 100% perfect without any complain. Servers are always up and runs super fast. My site is now 3x more faster compare to the last host I have used. The pricing is reasonable without any hidden charges. Support is online 24 hours and they are easy to work with. They have responded to my support emails in few minutes and not hours just like leading brands today. Go ahead and try them.
  12. PhotonVPS-Jim

    PhotonVPS-Jim Active Member

    Are you still in the market?
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