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Request: Linux VPS


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My current VPS with Implihosting.com (Now Open Source Web Hosting) went from bad to ugly, so I am looking to make an immediate switch.

Here are the current specs of my MANAGED VPS:
Disk Space: 70 Gigabyte
Bandwidth: 500 Gigabytes
Ram (Guaranteed): 768 MB
Ram (Burst): 1256 MB
Monthly Price: £19.99
cPanel/WHM: £9.99
IP Addresses: 2

After currency conversion, this comes to roughly $55 monthly.

I can't even get them to tell me what hardware is in the system that my VPS runs on. That is how bad the support is. Tickets when I started would be answered within 1 hr, but now I am lucky if they get answered in 24hrs. Normally it takes 36-48 hours.

Can anyone beat that? I am welcome to all offers.


We certainly can beat it with our VPS V-7 Plan

1 Dedicated CPU Core
70GB RAID-10 Disk Space
2000GB Bandwidth
1536MB RAM
Full Root Access
2 IP Addresses
1Gbit uplink port speed
Dual Quad Core Processor Nodes
Host Unlimited Domains
Free Website Transfer
Daily Remote Backups
No Overselling Guarantee
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Montreal, Canada DC3 Location

Only $49.95/month

To order: http://www.litservers.com/vps.html (V-7)

cPanel/WHM is available for additional $15/month


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We here at iHubHost can beat that with our L-VPS 3:
Disk Space: 100 Gigabyte
Bandwidth: 2000 Gigabytes (2 Terabytes)
Ram (Guaranteed): 1.5 GB
CPU: 2 GHz
IP Addresses: 2
cPanel/WHM: $12.95
Monthly Price: $19.95
Total: $32.90 (about £20.87)

If you wanted to spend the whole budget, we could offer you our L-VPS 5:
Disk Space: 200 Gigabyte
Bandwidth: 4000 Gigabytes (4 Terabytes)
Ram (Guaranteed): 3 GB
CPU: 3 GHz
IP Addresses: 2
cPanel/WHM: $12.95
Monthly Price: $39.95
Total: $52.90 (about £33.55)

All our VPS come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a No Overselling Policy.

To view all of our Linux VPS plans and addons, please visit the following page:
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I would like to offer you our following Fully Managed Linux VPS

Fully Managed Linux VPS
60 GB RAID-10 Web Space
600 GB Bandwidth
640 MB Guaranteed Ram
2 GB Burstable Ram
Host Unlimited Domains
Free Daily Backups
100 MBPS Port
3 IP Addresses
Fully Managed With Control Panel
100% Uptime Guarantee
No Overselling Guarantee

Only $54.95/month

Plan URL: http://www.occeanic.com/vps.html (Managed Linux VPS V-2)

We do offer 24x7x365 customer caring support via live chat, support tickets, email and phone.


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Saving one or two dollars per month is not worth the loss of a few hundred or a few thousand dollars when your site goes down.
Choose reliable web hosting provider.


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Saving one or two dollars per month is not worth the loss of a few hundred or a few thousand dollars when your site goes down. Choose reliable web hosting provider.
This is some thing I have been thinking for a while, most of the customers ignore the importance of reliable web host. Usually they opt cheap web hosting solutions to save some bucks. Everyone would like to have a cheap web hosting solution, but the question is are you ready to pay hefty amount for downtime and server crashes. What I would like to suggest always consider the hosting reviews site, Press Releases, and Web hosting offer threads for reliable web hosting solution. However contacting web host directly is highly recommended. This is not only helps you to analyse web host but also helps you to negotiate easily for hosting discounts.
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I work with a couple hosting providers as a consultant, I think one of these companies would have a perfect fit for you please take a look:

768 MB
Equal Share CPU
50 GB Diskspace
750 GB Bandwitdh
Fully Managed
Cpanel Optional ($10/month)
$39.95/month - Order