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LawTown Junky

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damn danial is a moron hes even more uncomprehendable than i am hehehehe
he said a whoel bunch of shit that made no sense at all

Ok syanet, I'm gonna send an email one more time. I'll send it by way of navarone_@hotmail.com. I really want a response this time. I need to be special :(

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Originally posted by danialsmith
Thanks I Got your Email bro.....

But I just up and decided to pay for a DS, so I got one to day I Get a lot of hits a day Now About 600 hits and I also needed the sql and the Other thing I Now have.

O’ BY THE Why, My PxT Board NOT A WAREZ. BOARD. There is nothing wrong with it. I have contacted my lawyer and the local authority, and there is nothing wrong with it + You Did Not make Me Mad For deleting the CGI files I had.

think about how much you are down…..
you think I did not have all my site backed up Pulse I have a domain name and everyone can still fined my site just fine. now 27/7 J and it Look 100% better and the forum is now a tropical fish hobbyist forum for my mom's online store witch I do all that site site building there to……

O YA every one stay away from that guy me is bad news :p
If you need a host that bad email me,

Ill put up 500$ I can keep my 5 (home) PC’s on cable up and stables then net cabins any day I Have had this computer here that I am on now, up for 2 months now. I WILL NOT be as fast as them,,, HUU will Hay mabe i will ,,, but it will always be online………

Ok now with that off my hands GOOD NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn. Make everyone happy and get a ****ing English book and read it front to back. That is, if you can read cause you sure as hell cannot spell worth shit.


his English is no better than that other Russian guy asking for unlimited space for DVD translations... :mad:


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Its hard with a low budget (or maybe none) but it can be done...

I don't think adding a resources section is that bad, it could work well with your design. What i would do and i have done it on my site is add a resource link on your navigation bar. Then have it link to a page that is similar to the following


Then you can go round all the freebie sites and webmaster resources sites adding links to your site and theirs. This, in turn will give you site more content(thats will bring ppl back) and alot more visits.

Only a suggestion.

P.S. I got my old domain back!!!! http://www.digital-avatar.com


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Oh yeah thats another think.... you gota get a new signup form!!!! that one is very unprofessional

start learning PHP!

If you want one designed i could do one cheap ;)

I wasn't joking. It looks like Hotmail is trying to screw me over. Can't anything from Microsoft work? I'll keep tryin though. Syanet, you should really change your signup form to avoid these problems.