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Problems About FFRHosting.com Solved Here

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as a second admin i say kool but i also say i maybe taking down gba-source coz of all dis bs cozed by dis dude on ffr so maybe ill thinkin about owning dat site and o ya. we shud ban dis guy from da ffr servers lol ban him for life lol any wayz. ill be kickin his booty as soon as i have free time lol.dats all and wen ffr be back hit me up iight pe@ce out home dawgs..and waht r yall takin about lol check dis site out www.avidao.com i use to be with dem and it sux as hell lol i think 1,000 posts for 1 gig disk space or sumthin lol and for 100 post i requested upgrade but it took dem 3 months 3months can u belive dat to upgrade me lol so :shame: :shame: on dem lol ROTFLMAO
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Dude please. We speak proper english here. I can abrely understand a word of what you just said. And a1whs will you please leave this thread. All you can do is be negative. I'm going to try and figure this out with PkerHost and draw up a new game plan.
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Hi guys, sorry but the old host isnt letting the new host transfer the accounts. The old host are fags but the new hosts are really good and have tried everything to transfer the accounts. We might have to start over again but that will be fine for me. So until this saughts out have fun!
We workin on it. But its sleepytime for me. Pkerhost gets the night shift (he's australia time) and I get the day shift (EST American time)
well it's ok to start again lolx
i just created 100+ posts
that alright ^^

maybe we should land a case on the old hosts
lolx too expinsive need a lawyer too to do that

if we can't really transfer
then we have just to be patient about the old hosts
and do backup checks on the users who are
giving application

and ask if they use a forum so big bigger than freewebspace lolx

and i even created a sig to show how i love this hosts while it's running.lolx :biggrin2: see my sig
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Just do an Remote FTP server (passive mode transfer) backup in cPanel. I believe I gave a little lesson on how to do that on the board.
I'm not sure we have access. I think they got so fed up they go boot boot. And nice sig rabara. I still think we have to start completely fresh :(. But thats alright with me. WE have so much to talk about. Is it that hard to do?
I'm also ok to remake all the account... i had almost 100 posts anywayz :p besides i love this host ^^ and i will never leave it so beat it.
Ive been thinking about closing FFRHosting.com down, but after seeing this I could never do that. It has come clear that we will have to start afresh again. If I get 20 people that will want the hosting I will start again. If you would like to show that you want us to stay send an email to Wojtaszak@bigpond.com.au
Guys.. Do you even know what gba is?

Let me explain what gba-source is about,

Gba-source is a website to get roms, roms are exactly like any gameboy/sega/nintento/playsation/snez game, BUT you can actully play the game on your computer. Now this is illegal, it is not illegal if you have bought the actull game, or if you remove the game from your pc in 24 hours. Each rom is more than 1mb each, so when everyone downloads a rom, it takes alot of bandwidth.

Most people download the game, and don't remove it within 24 hours. People like those have 100's of roms on there computer, so I think you should really delete that website.
ok i do wana stay . man but bad news u cant reach me on yahoo anymore my yahoo id was deactivated for no reason i dont think yahoo did dat i think it some ppl i kno on my buddy list so any hints on how to reactivate it?
I myself own 524 MB of roms (each rom is about 32 to 50MB a piece). Why? The games are no longer available. N64's are no longer sold and neither are their games. Where else am I gonna play my fav N64 games when I can't get a hold of a console or its games?

And mysteryman. Looks like someone has been messing with your credibility shamelessly. What have you done to earn a red mark.
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