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Problems About FFRHosting.com Solved Here

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FFR hosting aint gonna die off juz like that..........

5000members lollllllll thats crazy dude lollllllllllllllll

As far as I know Luke had the database backedup so everyones posts will be there. Even if they aren't it doesn't take all that much to get a great plan. ;)
Everything was safely backed up today. All your posts and scores were safely stored. Now if the dumass host will get their butts in gear we could get some real hosting for you people. But its Friday for me and Saturday tommorrow. That means maybe I can pull a few more hours so that when we are up, I'll get us up so fast you won't even know we were down. :)
LOL im 14 like pkermaster, also i want unlimited bandwith and reselller privlages so i can give some of my buddys webservice, i thought the best host in the world died. i guess not wooohoo!

Also anybody want the portal system ffar hosting uses well its called ezportal for phpbb when ffr comes up ill beable to host free portal systems hopefully.
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1. WE ARE NOT DEAD PEOPLE! We would be up faster if it weren't for these comapnies acting like asses. We pay them and they still treat us like dirt.
2. Of course you can use portals. Its your forum. Why not.
3. Thx for your words of kindness rabara, tarawa, and myst3rym@n.
4. We are not dead nor will we stay transferring forever!
5. WE ARE NOT DEAD. (one mroe for good measure :D)
Thanks i was like WTH why they lock the other ffr topic then i relised this topic, i guess its my double monitors makeing me dizzy. all well i need to go to bed im tired I can barely type with bad grammar. :confused4
Yes there will be Fnatastico.
And sorry I can't give you a specific time. The old host is just made us wait so long. PkerMaster is having to literally haggle with them to transfer the old account. Our new host is more than happy to do the transfer. But the old one sure ain't. And there the ones that asked to leave. OF all the nerve they've got.
May I ask some questions?

1. When did you start your hosting?
2. Where do you put your servers?
Well. This hosting started 2 months ago. I don't know when PkerHost started hosting. That might have been a year or two ago? Our servers our super reseller ccounts from people like GoDaddy, Information Group etc. High Quality :D (until you try to leave them anyways. Then they act like big babys.)
Yeah I got my files ready too. And no it won't be 2 to 3 weeks. We will be back up. It ain't our fault. Its these dam companies.
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