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Pls recommend host/package allowing >3 domains


Although I don't know much about search engines, I believe you are correct in saying that framed pages (in general), are not search engine friendly. There are a few ways that a server can redirect a domain though and I'd think that any way other than a frame type or script type redirect would be OK.


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Re: Re: Domain Pointer / Parking / Virtual Domains

Originally posted by Theo

I was wondering how search engines work if you use such kind of redirection.
As far as I know (correct me if I am wrong) when you use services such as Mydomain and their stealth (with frames) redirection, the search engine spider will only see the meta-tags and not any content of your page. Also since you are unable to make any changes to that frame page (like the no frames part) its imposible to optimize it for search engines.

Is there any other way that you can actually have many web sites on a single host but still for the search engine spider seem no different than if you had each site on its own host?

How will this "<?php if getenv("HTTP_HOST") == "bbb.com" ... ?>" work with the search engines?
In my opinion, the php method will be transparent to search engine robots as long as it's not a redirection/refresh/reload to another page by itself. For example, there are differences between

if getenv(...)... jump to another html page


if getenv(...)... print "<html><title>.....<body>....</body></html>"

In the latter, the html content is created on the fly and served to the browser (or in this case robot) unlike a redirection/refresh/reload is needed as in the formal. The methods employ by mydomain is likely to fall in the formal category.

BTW, I believe some search engines do take into consideration of content between <NO FRAMES> tags and therefore it doesn't harm if you place the same content of you body.htm in its place. Still, not all search engines do well with frames and thus be it a redirection service or otherwise, it is usually not adivisable to use frames.

Anyway, I'll be interested to find out the effect of using php's Header(...) command in the likes of :
if getenv("HTTP_HOST") == "bbb.com"
Header("Location: http://www.aaa.com/bbb");

It's somekind of "refresh" but it happens almost transparent to me at least looking from the browser. So I wonder how the search engine robots will take it...

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Isn't there a way to do that with your .htaccess? I'm about to do something similar with my site on Affordablehost.


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Originally posted by brownpau
Isn't there a way to do that with your .htaccess? I'm about to do something similar with my site on Affordablehost.
Redirecting in .htaccess allows you to send the user to, for example, new.html when they attempt to access old.html. In practice, I've simply add the following line to the .htaccess file:

Redirect /$directory/old.html http://$domain.com/$directory/new.html

I doubt if the above applies to what we are trying to achieve in php......since multiple domains will resolve to the same index.html file in the "root" directory and having a .htaccess redirect for that doesn't make sense... However, I've not tried something like :

Redirect http://bbb.com /bbb/index.html

I'll try that when I get multiple domains working on my server...
btw, I've also came across a cgi script that does virtual domains nicely and it's free, but I forgot where to locate it again. Anyone got the URL to download such script?
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