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Please read first!

Discussion in 'Free Services' started by murat, Apr 13, 2002.

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  1. The Red Guy

    The Red Guy Dork NLC

    But I observed that with a flat file database, it was more likely to get corrupted. I was using IB.
  2. TFA Network

    TFA Network New Member

  3. murat

    murat İ Ğ Ş Ç NLC

    :confused2 are you sure ?
  4. shizzle

    shizzle WOw I have a title NLC

  5. TFA Network

    TFA Network New Member

    lol, outlook is just about the only e-mail program that supports it. hotmail does not have a pop, its a html script.....
  6. Jan

    Jan Forum Cleaner NLC

    Hotmail Services

    Free Newsletters
    MSN Featured Offers
    POP Mail
    Find Message
  7. ideavirus

    ideavirus New Member


    nice list..and very useful tooo..!

    versiforum is not php+mysql its ASP...!

    Am i right or missing something....if they have a php+mysql version..could you pls give me the pointer..??

  8. ideavirus

    ideavirus New Member

    Hii again,

    eboard is cgi based..but its written php in the list...??

    or do they have the php version also..??
  9. silverstarfish

    silverstarfish New Member

    This is a common misconception. Both perl and PHP can be run through the CGI process. eBoard is written in PHP.
  10. pwnm

    pwnm New Member

    On a similar note, you've got listed VersiForum in the forums system list - its ASP, not PHP & MySql - oh and you spelt it versoforum in the list ;)
  11. is0lized

    is0lized See Below

    what about free EMAIL services? not just pop3
  12. Seldimis

    Seldimis New Member

  13. murat

    murat İ Ğ Ş Ç NLC

    thank you all. i added/fixed some links
  14. silverstarfish

    silverstarfish New Member

    eBoard doesn't run through CGI either, some of the files just have the .cgi extension.
  15. The Red Guy

    The Red Guy Dork NLC

    Then why don't they have .php extensions>?
  16. silverstarfish

    silverstarfish New Member

    There are only about four files with the .cgi extension. They're just data files, all of the other files are .php.
  17. The Red Guy

    The Red Guy Dork NLC

    I see now, but do they need perl modules?
  18. silverstarfish

    silverstarfish New Member

  19. The Red Guy

    The Red Guy Dork NLC

    I've a query though. Why won't they name it .php?
  20. silverstarfish

    silverstarfish New Member

    In the future this might be changed.
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