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PHP Membership Software?

Discussion in 'Programming Help' started by php_addict, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. php_addict

    php_addict New Member


    I basically need a script wherein users will be signing up to join our group. Basically it will ask some basic info about themselves. Forms will be shown in the site. Most of them are essay-type questions that requires an essay type answers. Of course some of them will be by check boxes and option boxes. After filling out the forms, they will be receiving an e-mail that their application is being processed. It would be great if there's a feature where in, they will be sending a message to the mobile number of the user, that says the application is being processed or a similar verification like what Google and YouTube uses, to verify if the user entered the right mobile number.

    For the admins, I hope we can check the web-based database that contains all of the info of the members.

    And that's it.

    Of course if it's possible, I would like to add something else. Well during the membership process is there a specific software, script or a website that can help me out to insert
    psychological-based questions like whenever you apply to a new company, they have those I agree, I strongly agree, I strongly disagree and Neutral stuffs right? I would like to have those, let the user answer some questions. Then after the user is done with everything, the user will be receiving an e-mail or a text message that the application is being processed.

    Admins will be receiving an e-mail or a text message and it contains the result (computed by the computer) like the new member is not psychologically fit to be in the
    group or whatever. Something like that. And then we will just send an e-mail and a text message to the supposed to be member that he or she is not psychologically fit.

    Another idea would be, like for example if there are a lot of users who signed up, as admins we can login to the admin area and just basically
    try to check the results of the tests (psychological tests) if it's not available then we will just check the essay answers of the members and if we
    like it, we'll check those who passed and uncheck those who didn't or check those who didn't pass. then those who passed will be receiving a text message
    or an e-mail, vice versa.

    Lastly, as members, I hope they can access this special page that contains the info of the other members, like a roster.

    I don't know if I'll be making my own script or if you guys can definitely recommend a PHP software to use.


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