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Past Outage Info

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James said:
This forum "Paid Hosting" is not for Industry Announcements. I feel it's highly inappropriate.

As incorrect as "James" is:
Paid Hosting (30 Viewing)
Web hosting discussions.

The subject for paid hosting here at FWS is clearly "Web hosting discussions."
One of which this is.

However, you can now find a temporary forum (which was a good idea anyway) created just for this subject.
Here: http://primitivehosting.com/drforum/index.php

Now let's hope some other competitor, with half the clients I have, doesn't complain that I'm spamming a Forum Link.

Thanks for the use FWS. DDoS, server moves and account status can be viewed here. Just one of the other servers that we are moving all accounts to.
A thought on restoring service (might be a bit late)

(In response to this: (I don't know how to do a quote yet. Sorry.))

Hi d-w host, we have not even begun to write the apologize notice with an inclusive post-mortem, as it's still being fought. The Server dynamically bans the IP Address that establishes over 100,000 connections every second.
Then the IP Changes and everything starts all over again.
The particular server affected is up about 3 minutes every hour or so. Within those three minutes, we are copying accounts over to multiple Disaster Recovery sites.
If you are a newer customer, it's perhaps the chance that a carbon copy never got over originally.

The webhost has decided to defend the customer that they have, FYI, and re-activated the website.

Cease and Desist letters have gone out, Legal is evaluating the situation now.

I had a converstation with the person responsible for the attack. He did NOT DENY the attack was taking place. He DID ADMIT my custoemr deserves this.

My argument is that he is damaging, financially, over 500 other innocent people!

-------------------------------------------------------End Quote

I was just thinking that you could literally unplug the server from the internet, haul it over to a private LAN, and then pull files from it? I mean, if the server is going to be down anyways, why not keep it from being damaged by the constant bombardment of the DDoS attacks? I have a web server at home (be it VERY small), and if anything like this were to happen I would be able to just unplug it from the LAN and work on it that way. Just a thought.
James said:
I really think this thread should be locked and deleted.

Primitive Hosting, you have your own forums. It's enough.

This forum "Paid Hosting" is not for Industry Announcements. I feel it's highly inappropriate.

And as for your effected clients, not sure they want all those details you are posting here. My feeling is they don't really care. They just want to know everything is going to be ok.

When the mods aren't taking any actions to lock/delete this thread, y r u bothered about it?

James(Hotweelz) is one of the oldest members here and he knows what he is doing. So plz stop poking your nose in threads which you are not intested in.

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My server was just attacked. Again. hottweelz, if you could PM some more info to me so I may take whatever action I feel is appropriate.
Wow Tree, I wish that upon no one... I hope that it's not anything even CLOSE to the amount of time I went through... as a note to other FWS users... SEE WHY IT'S IMPORTANT TO POST INFO?

Tree, I'll PM you all the different IPs... well it was hundreds of IPs but maybe you can match them.
Yeah, we were down for only 20 minutes, but a similar attack a few weeks back lasted a bit longer.
Ironic, I got hit because of the feud with the two customers on different webhosts, hence the beginning of this thread. But the attacker(s) are third party people trying to win the contest the other person had started.

Also note, Tree was the first to defend me in this thread.
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