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One Time Pay Hosting

Discussion in 'Web hosting discussion' started by ibo3x, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. ibo3x

    ibo3x New Member


    I see on the internet few of One time payment hostings.
    And If you can give me some list of other one time payment hosting.

    thank you
  2. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    I wouldn't take a one time fee host. They get your cash and simply die after that.
  3. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Yep, Sander nailed this one. You can't stay in business as a one time pay host. Doesn't make financial sense.
  4. CS Squad

    CS Squad cs-squad.net NLC

    One time pay hosts, usually are those fly-by-night host who just wanted to take the money, and close down at the 2nd month.
    And then after some time, they will reopen and redo the scam again.
  5. don19

    don19 Member

    how long you will available to use if you only paid one time fee ?
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2011
  6. sander k

    sander k Well-Known Member NLC

    Huh, I am lost. What do you mean? Are you requesting hosting now?
  7. don19

    don19 Member

    Sorry, that should be "use" instead "us"

  8. Derek Flahost

    Derek Flahost New Member

    Until the host decide to scam enough and close down the server.
  9. M Bacon

    M Bacon New Member

    Get free hosting instead and make backups.
  10. Archbob

    Archbob Level 8 Chinese Guy NLC

    Yeah, one time hosts are generally bad. Large upfront and the no service afterwards.
  11. Derek Flahost

    Derek Flahost New Member

    It is still consider as "OK" if the server is still up.
    So far, these one time payment host, will just close down the server after they take all the money.
    I am surprise that there is still people dare to use these kind of hosts.
  12. CS Squad

    CS Squad cs-squad.net NLC

    Thinking of paying a small sum of amount and run the website forever?
    You better do your backups more often then.
  13. Aaron Gregory

    Aaron Gregory New Member

    Agree with Sander, they could quite easily go bust, and then you have to pay someone else for hosting.
  14. colorhost

    colorhost Member

    One time Paid hosts are known to die.

    I wouldn't trust any of them.
  15. Seraphim

    Seraphim Active Member

    It all depends on the operating term though.

    If someone only wants their site to be up for a year, they could easily pay for just that year with it known in advance that when the year is over the site is to be taken down.

    Now pay once and be hosted for life, you're guaranteed to get scammed. Servers don't magically stop costing money to have once they reach a certain age, the host still has to have income from somewhere.
  16. 1paket

    1paket New Member

    How can anyone trust one time paid hosting?
    I'd stay away from them.
  17. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    I think you're all missing something here. How is this any different than a free host, but with a one time sign-up fee? If somebody can develop a successful free hosting business model, then why wouldn't a one time fee just sweeten the deal?
  18. TaoPhoenix

    TaoPhoenix Well-Known Member NLC

    I think this is related to the theme that if a junk host is gonna run, "at least" if it's a free host you can grumble about no money being lost. However I consider the security angle more dangerous, in that if I gave credit card info out to a 1-time-fee host, and they ran, then you'd have to watch the bank angle. In my project I already saw one operation deliberately disguising "hosting" as a spam-email collector. Something didn't sit right so I only supplied one of my Third Tier emails, so when it eventually tanked I wasn't in too bad shape.
  19. deeplist

    deeplist Entrepreneur NLC

    The "one time fee" idea COULD work as a step between 100% free hosting and full blown paid hosting, but I think it comes down to a matter of the buyers doing their homework and weeding out all of the dirtbags, kiddie hosts, and the people who don't know what they're doing. People need to KNOW who they're dealing with. Know the history behind the name and the people you're about to do business with. Know where the servers are, who's in charge of them, what datacenter is used to house them, etc. In addition to that, nobody should be offering any kind of hosting at all unless they have a business model developed to support it. Period. Regardless of whether is it 100% free, one time fee, paid hosting, or whatever.
  20. CS Squad

    CS Squad cs-squad.net NLC

    Unless it is a hosting which comes free with a domain purchase.
    Or else, it is hard to convince people that a pay-one-time hosting is not a die-anytime hosting.

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