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yo if u can take your fwp off the ground then i think it will be the best...maybe not better then spaceports...well good luck and i really hope u can take it off the ground
Thats exactlly what I want to create. A free web host where you get smaller banners and more features from the amount of hits. I don't want to screw any users. I want them to come back and be happy. If I can make $50 of profit I'll be happy. I also want very quick connections. So I'm thinkning of saving up for a longer period of time to make sure I have back-up money for newer servers, programs, etc.
Goodluck i spent around 1500usd to 2000usd in the first month :p and im in australian thats about 4000aus dollars =(
Why not?

i don't find the idea so bad. drunkmule, you should probably look into a dedicated server offer with lots of bandwidth. one gb equals about 40.000 full written normal paper pages, so with images, sounds and (especially!) cgi, two gbs are really not so much for an advanced user. small personal sites aren't going to take up much bandwidth though, so that makes up a little for the big, much visited sites.

what i would suggest though is that you start with ftp access right from the start. an ftp server isn't very difficult to set up, actually not much more difficult than configuring a cgi script for browser-only uploads. despite that, cgi without ftp access is a bitch.
Gcities, capitalise the S in Sydney in your "about us" page when you have time. Unless there is a reason why you have not done so...

Remember, down under is on top!
I think you should really think about what it's gonna cost you *before* you're gonna make profit out of it.
I saw NC_TOM post on one of the threads that he already put 13k usd into netcabins, and another thread claims that spaceports costs 80k every month and only makes 40k...

That's really something you should consider. Do you really have this kind of money, and if so, wouldn't it be better to invest in starting a payhosting company ?
I'll assure you im not ~bg.

It should be made illgeal to say you offer unlimited space and bandwidth. i just ordered an unlimited hardrive should be installed and formatted by the year 4500.
AHAHA good sleep. I'm already ahead of you. I've been saving since late June, with some bonuses I got and a few checks from AllAdvantage.com. They still pay me. The program that I'm looking at closely to do the host doesn't have ftp uploads just browser. I have no cgi knowledge beyond changing variables and perl paths. I would either have to find another program or find a ftp upload script.

And Technics, I know i'm probally your worst enemy for trying to start a free hosting company, but just let it go.

Like I said I don't plan to live off the profit that the company makes. I want to do this for the good of the net. If I make $10 in my first month, I'll be very happy. If I don't I'll just wait til next month, If I see no profit is made. I'll change some things around. But I don't plan to invest thousands of dollars into it yet. I want to start out small and stay small for quite sometime. If there are large amount of clients than, I will hire someone part-time to do do some cgi-scripting, and to make sure people are using the service correctly.
Your not my worst enemy at all i'm trying to prevent you from going belly up. Think realistically.

Start offering a small amount of space as custom grows increase it. Say you will give unrestricted bandwidth upto 2gb after that they have the account suspended until they can adjust the bandwidth. Anyone using more than 2gb on a freehost really should be using a paid host.

A good level of space for a fwp is about 30 to 50mb. If they require more maybe you can strike a deal with them.
I was thinking about something like that. But I think that the amount of hits you generate the more space you'll recieve. But I would have to have some create a cgi file to do that, and that I just can't afford.
Using cgi for your browser upload system is a bad idea use php and mysql. Won't use as much system resources.

If you want a script that can do that in cgi use allmanage. If you want it email me ill send you the zip file since the website has closed.
yeah I was looking for their site but couldn't find it. Is it really free? What other features does it have? Please send it to me.
You can set all accounts to a set amount or give one account 500mb and another 300mb easy updates via the admin section. ADvanced editor and basic editor etc etc etc.

Anyways nice talking gotta go down the PUB have a socail life somewhere lol.
I don't want to pour cold water on someone elses enthusiasm but the whole idea of a free web host supported by banner ads is now very shaky indeed.

With banner ads only worth about $2 per thousand it would be really difficult to do this at a profit. There needs to be another method of generating income from the members.

I have been thinking about this myself. I run a cobranded FWP (Myqth.com) that brings in about $100 per month from relevant affilliate links with over 5000 users. The service is not too good and I would much prefer to run my own system.

I really would like to run a proper FWP but I just can't make the income and expenditure columns balance. When you take into account server(s) bandwidth and other costs you would need an astronomical number of page views to generate enough income from ads to cover the costs.

There has to be another way of making it pay, but what?

I've realized that too. Thats why I'ma also giving the option to pay 5 or 10 dollars to get rid of all banners, or just buy the web hosting with extra features such as mailing lists, pop3 mail, etc. I've thought of many things.
Try pull in some big investors. Who will pay to have shares in your business and display there banners on your members pages .... Bit far fatched but i dont think any other fwp has done it.
Good Idea, But I can see some problems in that. If two investors sign-up they might want their ads to be shown more than the other. Creating some conflict between affiliates which can then cause both investors to leave, or worse. Also, when are you going to send the allmanage script, cause that can save me a lot of time and money.