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New blog and logo


serial slacker
Hi Guys,

I've just launched a new blog, and I thought it would be good to get some feedback from you all on the design, as obviously a good appearance is key.

I'm mainly looking to what you think of the minimalist style of the theme, and whether the logo fits with it etc...

Thanks in advance for your advice!


New Member
I assume http://www.thebytevine.com/ is the site you want to get review.

The overall look of the design looks fine to me. The logo looks good also. One thing I think can be improved is the gray bar at the end of the last post. Is it going to put some text there? If not, it is better to reduce the height.

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serial slacker
So sorry guys - I was an idiot and forgot to link to the site evidently. Yeah - the site is thebytevine.com


New Member
yeah i like it, so simple...

i suggest to fill the right column with anything, put an ad for example :)

it's just so empty, i was reading that article about the press and then continued reading and the rest of the page was empty in the right column...

well, it's just a suggestion, your blog looks really nice :)

Good luck!


-Team WebLyte-
Lookin good,

Simple and straight to the point. Logo looks good and plays well with the bk and center content. Still working on things? Add some on click erase text to the search box (just like in your subscribe box) and things will be oh so groovy.

Good job.


Very nicely done. I like it.

The reason for my score is some pages are giving a 404 Not Found. Otherwise, spot on. Nice logo, nice colors and a great layout. Also, good informative content.


serial slacker
Thanks for all your comments guys - Dan, which pages are giving you a 404 ? I should probably sort that out :p

I will get rid of that box at the bottom of the page, its actually for a footer 460x80 banner, but I'm not running one there (at least I have no plans to do so at the moment).