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Need Free Web Hosting With More Than 100 Email Accounts

Discussion in 'Free web hosting requests' started by k_oudom, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. k_oudom

    k_oudom New Member

    I'm looking for a Free Web Hosting Provider with max of email accounts more than 100.
  2. k_oudom

    k_oudom New Member

    Can anyone help giving an idea about Free Web Hosting which I can create up to 50 email accounts to share with my friends. I'm looking forward to hear from you. Good luck everyone.
  3. liod

    liod New Member

    If u need email feature, why dont u try google apps? u can have 500+ email.
  4. hamster

    hamster Super Moderator NLC

    Why do you need so many email accounts? Just to share with your friends? What's wrong with just using an existing email service?
  5. Dito

    Dito New Member

  6. k_oudom

    k_oudom New Member

    I want email under my domain. myemail@mydomain.com
  7. Dynash

    Dynash It gets better. NLC

    Last edited: Feb 21, 2009
  8. Secret

    Secret Active Member

    If you want to use Google Apps and you need web hosting, SiteFrost.com can host you.


    Our plans starts with plan A, for 3 posts/month, I can give you plan A:
    200 MB Space/2 GB BW/2x Features

    With cPanel, you can integrate Google Apps' email service to your hosting account easily.

    LiteSpeed web server will make your website load faster :)

    Visit SiteFrost.com to signup.
    Visit this page for plan details & more plans: http://sitefrost.com/pages.php?page=hostingplans.
    Visit this page for server information: http://sitefrost.com/showthread.php?tid=416.

    See you in SiteFrost!

  9. dramr

    dramr New Member

    What are the other specifications you are looking for beside the 100 emails
  10. k_oudom

    k_oudom New Member

    Not much. Just:

    Support PHP, MySQL, 100+ POP3 Email Accounts.
  11. k_oudom

    k_oudom New Member

  12. Secret

    Secret Active Member

    How about 'Live'? I think they offer free email service for your own domain name.
  13. Schmarvin

    Schmarvin Cross Industries NLC

    Check with your domain provider. I know namecheap and domainsite offer free google apps, which allows for email services.
  14. Aremith

    Aremith New Member

  15. Dynash

    Dynash It gets better. NLC

    Google Apps IS email, what do you mean? Open registration? Live Mail offer this, Google Apps doesn't offer this last I knew, all accounts have to be manually made.
  16. k_oudom

    k_oudom New Member

    Does Google Apps Support POP3? What is the configuration?

    pomIRC.com free up to 1000 email account, 1000 MySQL Database, ....
    I was very happy. I've registered one but they didn't live long. They just say "pomIRC is Closed" and my account is gone.

    I want something like pomIRC. Thanks.
  17. azoundria

    azoundria New Member

    Hi K_oudom,

    Are you thinking of offering what is effectively an email service for your friends?

    I can offer you what you'll need, if you promise there isn't going to be any spam sent, and you email me once your account is submitted. (Email is onsite.)
  18. emperoradz

    emperoradz New Member

    Does Google Apps Support POP3? What is the configuration? <-yeah. supports pop3, smtp, and imap. they have a configuration guide in the settings...

    you can try rackfree (http://forum.rackfree.net). just sign up on our trial (no post) plan. and we will help you set up google apps, pop access etc. We have a huge support community.
  19. k_oudom

    k_oudom New Member

    I hate spam and don't even have time to be spam. I checked your website but it said "Do not accept web hosting". Do you really provide me Free Web Hosting with Unlimited Email Accounts and Reasonable WebSpece and Bandwidth?

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