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Two Sheds
Just kidding. Just wanted to see where all you guys are at in life these days. Some of us grew up together... :biggrin2:

Me, I just turned 23 and I'm still a bum. I'm temporarily working at an EB Games store. Which is ironic, I think, because I'm not a nerd anymore and probably the only person there that doesn't play video games.

What are you guys doing with yourselves? :tired2:
There's always more to say. :p Got a crappy part time job as well? How lon left of college? What are you doing in college? Do you like pizza? How's the weather? The list goes on...
Did somebody mention pizza?

Well, I'm 22, currently also a bum, but only temporarily. Little snafus on both my end and the government ended up costing me my student loans so I'm on hiatus from my classes for the year. Working to pay off some small debts. Jumping from job to job, because really, I have no loyalty to jobs in fields I don't particularly care for.

I no longer spend my time between Ottawa and Calgary, I live only in Calgary now, and when I return to school, it will be here as well.

I ---- everything that moves, face the resulting class action lawsuits.

I quit smoking pot. But not drinking. I still enjoy that :p

'fur, we're all still nerds. We post here, don't we?
Well, I'm twenty now and dreading turning twenty-one in February.

When I first started posting here, I was in.. I think it was my second last year of high school. Since then, I have done a year of uni (psychology degree), finished it but dropped out before even starting second year (long story), worked at a hellish job for over a year, and have recently changed jobs (about two months ago) to a much, MUCH better job. Better hours, better pay, way better boss, nicer staff, etc, etc.

I remember I once caused a bit of drama with a certain unbeliveably long thread ;p. I was also known for my Nintendo obsession (still going strong, by the way).

I'm now heavily addicted to WoW. I can't stop playing it. I think I have played it every single day, or almost, since I started.

I have my own apartment ten minutes from the city (renting). Currently living on my own.

I still drop in every few months, randomly, to make sure you're all behaving. And Blank never is. :shame:

Can't believe you guys are still here. I love it.
I love being drunk and disorderly. Except for those few times I passed out in the city. That's kinda scary.
anhedonia said:
I'm now heavily addicted to WoW.

Your family and loved ones have my deepest condolences.


Still in highschool. A boy's school :(. Patiently awaiting for my accounting study score (only in year 11 atm, 10 hours away!)

Oh and my hair is really long. Like, I could be mistaken for emo kinda long.

Got my learner's this week, 100% on the test :D

And yeah, stuff.
I sincerely hope you're wearing a tie. And some red and black, preferably.

Did I get my stereotypes mixed up??
I'm currently in my third year of a Computer Science degree (now how's that for NERD). After the next semester, I hope to do a 16 month internship. Then come back and finish off my fourth year.

The other day, I wore a suit. And it didn't feel that weird. It just made me feel old...dayum, I am old. 20.

As for what's happening with me RIGHT NOW? I haven't shaved in about 4 days. That's about it.
I have never been drunk, and i have never done anything stupid. I am inpulsive most of the time, and i make silly mistakes, but that is it. Anyway, it is vBulletin that you want!
Well, I'm perhaps the noob of the thread, I don't know all the vets on here like ya'll do. But instead of spamming the forums with my offers, I like to get on a soapbox in the GD too. By the way, I'm Mark, and I'm a big corporate suit that sleeps and lives in a suit. I sleep on a bed of money, which is unconfortable, :p
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You know what? Serious props go out to Toefur for this thread. He's got me talking again, as there's something worth talking about.

ME! :p
Blank Verse said:
You know what? Serious props go out to Toefur for this thread. He's got me talking again, as there's something worth talking about.

ME! :p

Don't tell me, you're going to start blogging here at FWS?
I feel old.

I just bought a new Cadillac. Car is hot, Dark Pearl Candy Apple Red. Need to get the Sirius Satellite in it.