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[Merged] cyberwings


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i was in their chatroom earlier today when their only remaining website, www.cwstatus.com, went down. that was hosted on rackshat.net along with a few other of their servers. well, aparently it was only their sites that went down. i guess they still owe people money. anyway, i mentioned that i signed up at myacen and they flipped out! first i got yelled out for advertising. then when i tried to tell them that i was just saying i signed up for service they told to stop talking about other hosting companies. i said no and said that i have a right to talk about what i want to do with my site/money. well, they woulnd't have that so i got banned from the channel. i trtied messaging the ops of the channel to find out the link to the refund page put none would respond. so, that was the last straw. cyberwings is a scam! they don't pay their bills, they lie about everything and they have the worst customer service imaginable. seriously, being kicked from atheir channel because i mentioned that i signed up for a different service is pretty dumb. well, they lost the $5 a year they got from me. so, to anyone else out there...NEVER USE CYBERWINGS!!!! i can't stress this enough.



i trtied messaging the ops of the channel to find out the link to the refund page put none would respond.

Did you pay through paypal? If so you can get the refund directly from paypal.


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nope, i went through the other credit card site.

i am still banned from the channel. at first i was thinking that it was going to be a temp ban for a few hours but it has been like 6 hours and i'm still banned. this is really pissing me off because i want my money back. if they were a legitimate business i would turn them into the BBB (better business bureau).



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Hey MN-Robert cool story..........:D

This is what I got yesterday......

Cyberwings is down to the final hours before our servers go live at our new Premier Data Center. Our Class C issue (duplication) has been resolved - new Class C's will consist of 66.250.148.XXX, 66.250.149.XXX, 66.250.150.XXX, etc. Other Class C's have been reserved as well for strictly Cyberwings use. By this weekend we fully expect to be in REBUILD mode and be accepting questionnaires by Friday Night or Saturday that will begin our rebuild project which is expected to last at least for the remainder of July, perhaps longer. Cyberwings.com, our Billing Solution and our HelpDesk solution will be hosted on its own private server separate from all other hosting we provide. We have already started the DNS propagation for Cyberwings.com and expect to have it online by Friday again. When Cyberwings.com comes online, www.cwstatus.com will go offline. All information about the new account setups, Individual to AYW conversion, free space/bandwidth, etc. will be posted on Cyberwings.com as quickly as we can possibly get it up there after our sites go live again. We will be hitting the ground running when sites go live again, I assure you. I will personally be assisting as many hours of every day that I possibly can to get things back to normal. We have a lot of work to do, let's just do it and get this behind us.

All users who exist in our Texas Data Center please begin to backup your data from the servers at RackShack in Texas. Those will be the next to move to our new Premier Data Center, to follow very shortly. PLESK1, 2 and 4 exist at RackShack right now, as well as a variety of Cobalt servers.

Methodical, Orderly Rebuild

While we want to provide as much information to our customer base as possible during this rebuild project, doing so via an IRC channel is not efficient for us or for you. We will create a REBUILD COMMAND CENTER under Cyberwings.com at status.cyberwings.com shortly after our sites are back up and that will be where we will be posting FREQUENT (3x per day at least) updates as to where we are at on account setups and the rebuild project in general. Once the rebuild project is over, status.cyberwings.com will become a site where you can view the status of every web server on our network with one quick view of a screen. A "Public NOC" of sorts.

Final hours are in progress. Please watch for more updates. I could write more, but need to get back to server configurations and concentrating on making us whole again - thanks to everyone for their continued support - from me personally.

Shawn J. White, CEO of Cyberwings
Cyberwing Communications

email: swhite@cyberwings.com
voice: Not Currently Available
web: http://www.cyberwings.com


You wait a few days for their new DNS to propogate so that cyberwings.com is up again, at which point the refunds page will also be up. If that doesn't happen, then I suppose you can eventually initiate a charge-back through your credit card company, or perhaps contact 2checkout.com since that's presumably what you paid through.

Originally posted by SirKC
if im in their state, i would sue shawn.
You can't sue someone for downtime, especially when they offer refunds. :rolleyes:


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Where did you here this? If this is true, that means Ill at least have the hosting back... I dont care if I lost my old site, I redesigned it yesterday.


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I've read that too, somewhere...don't remember where. But, hey, isn't Saturday yet for Cyberwings...for me Saturday is almost gone. But anyway...maybe I've read wrong...maybe it wasn't for this Saturday.


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In the last Cyberwings Newsletter, Shawn said that THEY (Cyberwings, not us) is going live online on their website and have a questionaire for every customer to fill up before they could reactivate their accounts. Well today is that Saturday promise. Is Cyberwings.com working? Nope. Is CWStatus.com working? Nope. Empty promise again? We'll see.

6:30 PM Eastern


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I have now merged all 4 threads into one. I didn't think there was a need to have 4 separate threads on the related issues.


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"This is the placeholder Cyberwings has installed temporarily while we reinstall our website and related services. We are fully installed into our new Premier Cyberwings Data Center and will begin our rebuilding project immediately. All sites from the Maine DC and the Texas RackShack DC will be reinstated on our Premier Cyberwings Data Center servers during our rebuilding project. Please watch here for more updates VERY shortly.

This page has been put in place by Cyberwings for your information."

I got this at www.cyberwings.com. Is there a different site you found that info on SirKC?

IMHO those who are complaining, deal with it! It was $10 bucks max for most of you! We CW customers got screwed over. Either wait it out and hope for the best (like I am) or get a new host. B!tching about it is just annoying and childish.