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McAfee Security Center


New Member
My Mcafee was of 2008, now its showing that it cant be updated.. i m not able to understand the prob, so please tell me what can i do and tell me some new antivirus with whom i can replace mcafee...
McAfee is being acquired by Intel I believe so that they can do hardware security.

I suggest COMODO though, and never buy another Intel mobo, go with AMD.
I’m using avast anti-virus, I think this is the best anti-virus. Besides you can try Kaspersky or Bitdefender
This thread reminds me of McAfee being loaded with new equipment I've bought recently and Adobe software upgrades. It comes loaded with all Adobe Flash Player upgrades if one doesn't untick the right box that has been ticked by default. I can't understand what the link between Adobe Flash player and McAfee is and Lenovo and McAfee as my last sighting of "free" McAfee was when I purchased a Lenovo laptop two months ago. Probably one of the worst anti-virus software ever. I tried McAfee once many years ago when I got it as a freebie, and got rid of it almost immediately.
See update in the sense mcafee wants to update you software so if you don't want to use it or update it, better you can use avast
I'd just drop the antivirus and setup some good firewall rules. Unless you're installing new software on the machine regularly or browsing the internet via the Windows server's built in Internet Explorer, it's essentially not necessary. Although I'm not a Windows administrator, so I can't say for sure how essential antivirus is on a Windows server. It just seems useless.

Linux, all you need is a properly configured server, good firewall, and lock out access to areas others don't need.

Anyway to stay on topic, if you do want an antivirus, I swear by Kaspersky when I was using Windows. It's great software as a desktop antivirus, and I'd imagine they have a server version for that as well.