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Mass search engine submission


New Member
Anyone knows any sites where you can submit your page automatically to *alot* of search engines?



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be aware

If you do that some search engines may see it as "spam" (if you do it more than once) and will keep your site from being indexed....words of the wise.

Cheap Bastard

New Member
i went to 32bit.com (believe rockergrrl referred me there for freeware)
found a couple there... might wanna check it out
Originally posted by Gayowulf
i checked a couple hours later and a couple of searchengines had my site up already.
Some people are just lucky, it takes me at least two months to get some bad rank in a search engine. :(


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Supermoo.. supposedly if you have one word repeatedly in your < HEAD > (head) on your homepage some will disqualify you... I designed a webpage for a client last year and it turned out 3 months later that his business site appeared at rank #2 in the AOL search for a certain keyword... now how do you figure that? My personal homepage site isn't even listed in Yahoo! anymore (and I used one of those mass engine submitters) and it's been around 5 years longer than my clients page... :(
Hmmm... life just sucks for the content makers of this web. Thanks for that head tip I don't think this works;
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