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Looking for hosting


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Me and a friend need a host. we are going to pay for our domain ourselves, just need hosting.

Our site will be a topsite for different websites.

We need:

2gb space
any bandwidth (reasonable)

Mysql databases (5-10 or unlimited)

I think that's about it..

Our price range is around $5-10/month
We can give you the following package:

2 GB Space
30 GB Bandwidth
$3.95 Monthly

Included Features
Direct Admin
Unl. SQL Databases
Unl. FTP Accounts
Unl. Domains
Unl. POP3 Emails
Much More

If you would like more information or you would like to order, PM me.

Josh Shrader
.:Great Plan! Includes unlimited everything, RvSkin, Multi-Lang, Fast Servers!:.

Novice Plan-

2GB of Diskspace
40GB Transfer
Control Panel- Yes, cPanel.
Fantastico- Yes, free of charge.
cPanel Pro.
Add-on domains- Unlimited
Sub-domains- Unlimited
Web based email- Yes
Pop3/IMAP Accounts- Unlimited
Server Side Include- Yes
Backup/Restore- Yes
Web Logs and Reports- Yes
FTP Accounts- Unlimited
Frontpage 2002- Yes
Perl, CGI- Yes
PHP 4.2.1- Yes
MySql Databases- Unlimited
phpMyAdmin- Yes
Directory Protection- Yes
Mailing List- Yes
FTP Log Analyzer- Yes
SMPT Server- Yes

Cost- $4.99 Monthly

For a custom plan...

Email- sales@havokcreations.com
MSN- sales@havokcreations.com
AIM- Dannyxx5

Account will be automatically created once paid!

Contact Us:

Email- sales@havokhost.com
MSN- sales@havokhost.com
AIM- Dannyxx5

What do people think about us?

Ross- This host is great setup fast great prices great plans very reliable and fantastico no setup fee a++

Jia-Yes,I think that your hosting is very fast,really.

Yuhanhome- I'm using the hosting,now,very good

SvenMotz- Yea, your hosting.. it ownz


We got cPanel Pro! Also we have Rvskin! Rvskin and cPanel pro is loaded with awesome features!

Awesome Uptime! Click Here!

StaticHost would like to offer you the following Custom Plan!

2GB Space
40GB Bandwidth
Full PHP, Perl, CGI, MySQL and PostgreSQL Support
All the standard features listed at http://www.statichost.co.uk/webhosting.php
cPanel / WHM with Fantastico
Price: $5.95/month!

This custom plan includes a 14 day free trial, please contact us using one of the methods mentioned below and we will be able to arrange this for you. :)

Email: sales@statichost.co.uk
MSN: msn@staticdotsupport.com
ICQ: 227732577
AIM: SHIS Support
Yahoo: statichostuk


Our plan 2 offers reseller plan of 5Gig Space/50Gig BW for $9.75USD/M.
It comes with WHM/Cpanel/Fantastico and CpanelXP.
It comes with Unlimited features like FTP and SQL databases.
Feel free to visit VPHost for more information.

If you are looking for Shared Hosting, MistHosting.com can offer you Plan 3 w/ 1400MB Space/22Gig BW for 8.35$ USD/M.
It comes with 1 free TLD Domain, Cpanel/Fantastico/CpanelXP & Unlimited Features.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions,
Good luck in your search

Beyondhost.net Would Like To Offer You The Following
Custom Package

* 2GB DiskSpace
* 40GB Bandwidth
* cPanel 10.2.0 [Latest]
* Fantastico Deluxe 2.8 [Latest]
* Unlimited MySQL Databases
* Unlimited FTP Accounts
* Unlimited E-mail Accounts
* Unlimited E-mail Forwarders
* Unlimited E-mail Aliases
* Unlimited Subdomains
* Unlimited Features
* PHP Support
* CGI Support
* PERL Support
* JAVA Support
* E-Mail, Helpdesk and Forum Support services
* Special 3 Hours Response Ticket Support
* Dnforum.com 16$ Gold Membership
* Templatespace.com 80$ Membership

* 99% Uptime Guaranteed!
* help@beyondhost.net >>> live msn support

Cost = 4.5$ a Month
Payments Through Paypal Only Pm me for info
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About Us:
We started providing webhosting services in August 2005. Our main focus is to provide Internet users with one of the most affordable and reliable webhosting services around. We believe that everyone is entitled to choosing the host that's best for them and that's what we're here for. We're here to be the host you rely and depend on for quality webhosting services. Venom-Hosting is with you all the way.

Venom-Hosting PayPal Webhosting Plans

Plan 1:
»750MB Space
»10GB Bandwidth
Price: $3.00 per month

Plan 2:
»1000MB Space
»15GB Bandwidth
Price: $4.00 per month

Plan 3:
»2000MB Space
»20GB Bandwidth
Price: $8.00 per month


All Venom-Hosting hosting plans come with:
»cPanel 10.2.0
»Unlimited Subdomains
»Unlimited Addon Domains
»Unlimited Parked Domains
»Unlimited MySQL Databases
»Unlimited FTP Accounts
»Unlimited Email Accounts/Aliases/Forwarders
»MSN Messenger, AOL Messenger, Email
»99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Custom Plan: (NEW!)
Custom plans can be ordered through any of the following methods:
»Email: venomhosting@gmail.com
»MSN Messenger: venomthakid2004@hotmail.com
»AOL Messenger: venomthakid2004

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed!
We are proud to say that we have a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee here at Venom-Hosting. If our uptime is any less than 99.9% for the current month you will get the next month free!

» Click HERE to check the servers uptime statistics

»Email: venomhosting@gmail.com
»MSN Messenger: venomthakid2004@hotmail.com
»AOL Messenger: venomthakid2004

We appreciate you taking your time to learn about Venom-Hosting and hope you find the host that's best for you!
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Hello there,

Real Php Hosting can offer you this following plan which will be ideal to your needs:

2 gigs of disc space
40 gigs of monthly transfer
cPanel with Fantastico
10 of each feature.

Automated account creation.

$4.99/mo or $58.99/year.

Any questions or concerns, danethical @ gmail.com

Best regards,

Homing Host is a well established webhosting company. We would love to have you as a customer, thats why we have made this custom plan just for you:

->2GB Space
->50GB Bandwidth
->CPanel 10
->Fantastico De Luxe
->99% Uptime
->Unlimited Subdomains
->Unlimited FTP Accounts
->Unlimited Email Accounts
->Unlimited Addon Domains
->Unlimited Redirects

-->All for $4/month or $40/year (saves you 2 months + get a free domain)

Control Panels:

You might not be familiar with CPanel so you may want to use another control panel. Dont worry, we offer you the choice of control panels, we can also provide you with Plesk and Helm. Helm also enables you to support ASP and ASP.NET so you can get the most out of the web.


If we have major downtime and fall short of our target we will give you a free months worth of hosting. If you are paying annually then we will give you 2 months free hosting.

This is a custom plan so you may order this in the following methods:

Pm me on these Forums (or) Email sales@hominghost.com

Thanks for your time and we wish you the best of luck with your search for a host.
Hi, it-4vn.com can offer you:

2GB Space
60GB banwidth
Cpanel 10 / RV Skins / Fantastico
Unlimit Features
Daily / Weekly backup

Price: 6$ / month

Payment via paypal. Contact me if you are interested :)
Well Dont know if these plans will help u or not :

Seed Hosting Plan
 Disk Space	 500 Mb     
 Bandwidth 	 2000 Mb    
 MySQL Databases unlimited  
 Email Accounts  unlimited  
 SubDomains 	 unlimited  

Per month 	$3.95
Setup Fee       $0.00

Seedling Hosting Plan
 Disk Space	 2000 Mb  
 Bandwidth 	 8000 Mb  
 MySQL Databases Unlimited  
 Email Accounts  Unlimited  
 SubDomains 	 Unlimited 		 
Per Month	$7.95 
Setup Fee       $0.00

100mbit Port so no slow speeds + 99.94 % uptime as tracked by host-tracker.com

Cpanel latest built.

Most important no setup fee.and 24 hr support. pirate2

Check out my signature for more details. or Simply CLICK HERE
Value Package

• 2000MB Diskspace
• 50GB Bandwidth per month

Price per month $4.95
[View virtual plan information]

Payment via Paypal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express

All come complete with:

• 14 day money back guarantee • cPanel Pro (10) • 20 extra cPanel languages
• RVSkin's (16 extra styles) • Advanced spam protection • Weekly backup's

Fax 0870 7058518 | Email sales@duportonline.com
2000mb Disk Space
15000mb Bandwidth Limit
Monthly Price: $8.50
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited E-mail FWD
Unlimited Addon Domain
Unlimited Parked Domains
Latest Cpanel

If you are looking for quality ,then NevaCious can fit all your hosting needs

We would like to offer you :

2 GB Disk Space
100 GB Traffic (FUP)
$5.00/month!! / $60.00/year

The Best Value For Money!

All our accounts come with :
-Unlimited SQL Databases
-Unlimited Mail
-Unlimited FTP accounts
And much more...

Our servers have a current uptime of over 80 DAYS!
We guarantee a 99.99% server uptime,if we fail you can ask a refund!
This because NevaCious has a UNIQUE Permanent money-back guarantee!.

Order now : http://www.nevacious.com/billing/signup.php?clienttype=15

Altrough , we do not yet use anything like fantastico (instaltron) for directadmin,but we are planning to do so very soon.

Any questions? :
Support : Info@nevacious.com
Sales : Sales@nevacious.com
Management : Danny@nevacious.com

Have a great day
Danny D
«You Can See when it's NevaCious.»

Paradise Hosting would like to offer you the following custom package:

Custom Package:

2000 MB Space
15 GB Bandwidth

Click Here to see what features you get with this plan

I can offer all of this to you including the 99.9% uptime Guarantee for only:

$8.10 per Month
$40.51 per 6-Months (1-Month FREE)So actually $6.76 per month
$72.91 per 1-Year (3-Months FREE)So actually $6.08 per month

We also offer 7 (going on 8) different ways to get support and answers to your questions.

Here is our site address to check us out: www.AParadiseWeb.com/hosting

You can contact me on:
AIM: AParadiseWeb
MSN: Webmaster@AParadiseWeb.com
Yahoo: AParadiseWeb
ICQ: 220804802

We also have live chat on our site, or a forum if you would like. You can also contact us via e-mail: Webmaster@AParadiseWeb.com

Hope you check us out and get in contact with us


# Starter Plan
# 2.5 GB Storage Space
# 90 GB Bandwidth
# 25 Add-on & Parked Doamin
# 150 Sub-Domains
# 7 Ftp Accounts
# 70 MySQl Database
# 55 Pop3 Accounts
# 150 Mailing List
# cPanel 10.6.0
# Fantastico
# Web Mail
# SSL Manager
# Ip Deny Manager
# HotLink Protection
# Scripts
# Frontpage Extentions
# Sub Domain Stats
# File Manager
# Ftp Manager
# Back Up
# Password Protection
# PostgreSQL Databases
# Error Pages Manager
# Redirection Manager
# CGI Center
# Cron Jobs
# Bulletin Boards (phpBB, Invistion Board)
# Agora Shopping Cart
# Apache Handlers
# Monthly Cost: £1.99