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looking for free file-storage


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I'm very new to this message board and the very idea of making a HP.

Currently just looking for a free file-storage so that I can share my files with my friends.

*about 50mb+ (preferably 100mb) space
*5Gb-10Gb monthly bandwidth will be enough
*minimal resitrictions on file size and types (well I need at least 2mb and not limited to zip files)
*ftp enabled preferably (if not enable downloading softwares to do mutiple queued downloads at one time)

Are there such things???
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Resshin, Thanx for your reply.

I'm trying to share some of the video files that we make (by ourselves) amongst friends and relatives..

But I'm not planning to put them up on a homepage coz I really have no idea how to make a homepage at the moment (I'm a true blue newbie.:eek:... may be I will in a few years, after I've digged through all my html books:D). At this moment I just want to share my files with my friends.

So now I just need a reliable file-storage which has a reasonably large bandwidth and won't suddenly deleting my account because I haven't yet set up my homepage.
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If you want to share files like that, most ISP's provide you with webspace of which you can use. Generally, they provide webspace with unlimited bandwidth. But they usually give you a bad amount of webspace. But if you are only going to show a few files, it maybe right for your immediate use. Other then that, come2store, and Yahoo's breifcase are really your only option.
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Originally posted by ***MTX***MATRIX
WoW JAN "Posts: 4383"

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;) jejeje

Don't spam. Just go to the member section and you will find some people with more posts.
Originally posted by Cracker
What could anyone have to upload that would total 100 GB!!? My own hard drive doesn't have that much space!!!

Besides its should take ages to upload so much and xoom.it should notice this and immediately terminated that account.
what about paid file-storage?

A big thanks to everyone.

What about paid file-storage?? I find come2store.com impossible to upload file (it takes ages and I haven't successfully uploaded a single file!!!)

It must be RELIABLE and PROVIDE CONTINUOUS transfer for multiple queued files (I want to allow people transfer the files while they're sleeping (coz I have so much to share I'll change the contents every now and then--well it's a club thing;)), so it must maintain continuous connection through many hours)

I don't mind paying up to $10USD per month (about $5 will be ideal)
I have an account on streamload but the only problem is there so sooooo many broken links.
Place a request in Paid Hosting forum, outlining what you want and what you want it for :)
That person had uploaded his entire rom collection. Nearly all the roms that existed for nearly every system were in his account. What is even more amazing is that it took xoom.it many months before they caught him and took him down. He's gone now..I bet he probably be still around if everyone didnt hotlink his files. I know because I went to his site before :eek:

Originally posted by tslu
xoom.it unlimited space and bandwidth I have seen people upload close to 100GB in files

I went to xoom.it and it is in Itilian and from what I seem to see it is a 50 mb account. Is there an englisg version.

I need a place to put mod .zip's for friends to d-load.
The 50 mb account is the Xoom.it sharehouse. The webspace part is unmetered, although I think the 100 gb person was illegitely using it.