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Linux vs windows hosting

Avoid windows unless you absolutely need to use it, its more expensive, less efficient and less secure. Its possibly easier to use depending on what you know already but Id recommend anyone doing pretty much anything in IT to look at Linux first for a Server OS and spend the time learning it if necassary.
I would say they're about the same since it's more of a preference... to me I would use Windows if I needed to, but if I could get away with Linux for what I need then I would easily use that instead because it's more secure and also uses less resources. Some program I run can't work in Linux at all though, so I need a Windows Server too... so I guess for me it would depend on what I'm using it for.
Linux hosting is good when you use Python PHP, Ruby, Perl, or CGI scripting. as for databases - MySQL.
Windows hosting is good when you are going to use ASP or ASP.NET.as for databases - SQL Server (MS SQL) or Access.

Both of the hosting has its different use if you are running application on ASP, .net, etc prefer to get windows hosting else linux will be fine for other use. The importance and preference of linux or windows is totally depends on its need.


Linux is generally easier and simpler to use than Windows. It comes with pre-installed software that’s ready for modification and extension. Linux was designed to support basic web hosting, which means users can install PHP, MySQL and Perl Script to maximize website productivity and performance. It is known for providing better performance than Windows and capable of handling higher amount of processes simultaneously. Also it is free and flexible!
In web hosting, Linux can eat less resources and cause less problems. On the other hand, you'd probably want a Windows OS via VPS so that you can navigate around with remote connection.
Windows VPS are pricey as compared to Linux because of the license costing. You should go for Windows VPS only when you need RDP access to the server or your website/application requires windows components like mssql or asp.net
Linux and windows hosting both are two different types of operating system. Windows is graphical user interface and Linux is character user interface. Linux is very popular operating system for web servers and windows support a windows specific application. If we talk about security then Linux is more secure then windows, well the security of both operating system is little bit different to each other, as the security depends more on server setup and administrators running the server.
Selecting between Linux and Windows OD also depends on what kind of applications have to be hosted on the website. For example if you want to use ASP.NET applications, then Windows hosting is the right option for you.
Linux is cheaper due to being an open source. Linux hosting refers to shared hosting, the most popular hosting service in the industry.
Linux is good for hosting html/ php website but if you want use components like ASP.NET and MsSQL, then you will have to go for Windows Hosting.
Windows VPS often comes with some great additional features like faster updates, additional customer service and it also often offers more flexible options for web administrators. Big brand does matter.
I think Linux is best for web hosting, If you want to use PHP, Perl or MySQL, Linux is the operating system of choice because Linux hosting is well-suited for blogs, content management systems, online stores and forums.When there's no need for ASP. VBScript or MSSQL, Linux is the OS of choice.