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Is Shared Web Hosting is Better

Discussion in 'Free hosting discussions' started by RebeccaJohnson, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. RebeccaJohnson

    RebeccaJohnson New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to this forum. I need to know that is shared web hosting is better than normal web hosting or not. Most of my friends told me that shared web hosting is good but some of them have told me that it is not good. So guys please help me out.

    I welcome each & every suggestions, advice, links etc,

  2. wswd

    wswd Premium Premium Member

    Hi Rebecca,

    Shared web hosting IS "normal" web hosting. They are the same thing. I'm not really sure what your friends are talking about. The only truly non-shared web hosting platform is a dedicated server.
  3. nitim

    nitim New Member

    Shared vs dedicated hosting

    My opinion is to choose Dedicated Hosting rather than shared.
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  4. Razerst

    Razerst Active Member

    Hi Rebecca,

    Welcome on board. Yes, Shared hosting is equal to Normal Hosting.
    Maybe something that is abnormal is hosting using VPS/Dedicated Server.
  5. Hosting Advisor

    Hosting Advisor Active Member

    Basically, the shared hosting is the basic plan offered by almost all the web hosting companies. Yes, your friends are absolutely correct. There are some advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting plans, in fact, every web hosting type that comes under the traditional hosting have pros and cons. The shared hosting is suitable for those people who run a very small website consuming very low diskspace and bandwidth and are tight on budget. The advantage of shared hosting is that it is easily affordable say $1.50 or $2.00 per month, the price per month may vary provider to provider. Secondly, you don't need to have any technical skills as the shared servers are completely managed by the hosting provider. The main disadvantage of this service is that you get low diskspace, bandwidth as well as if you want to install a specific software / application you are not allowed to host it. For such freedom you have opt for a VPS or a dedicated server plan.
  6. webhostus

    webhostus Member

    Shared Hosting would best for customers having small site with minimum number of visitors on it. It is the basic type of hosting. You can start your hosting with basic Shared Hosting and once your website traffic get increased then you can upgrade your hosting plan.
  7. 7pz hosting

    7pz hosting New Member

    Shared is the normal and will suffice for almost all the web hosting out there. Heavy traffic websites or resource hogs would need a VPS or dedicated server. Those that would like to play with the server would need at least a vps as well.
  8. MilesGeek

    MilesGeek Member

    This depends on your web hosting requirement. If you are looking for the most basic web hosting package or if you are new to web hosting, then shared hosting is a preferred web hosting platform. If you need higher web hosting specifications, then VPS hosting or dedicated hosting would be the right choice for you.
  9. deanhills

    deanhills Member

    @Rebecca. All hosting is shared until you get your own server. Not all shared hosting is equal. In other words you get shared hosting that is better than others. One way of getting good shared hosting is to ask your friends what their experiences are with their Web hosts as well as Google for reviews. Then to select a few Web hosts that way, and check them out carefully for exactly what your needs are. You need to know how much disk space and bandwidth you will be needing for your Website. Also what the turnaround in hosting support would be like. What kind of scripts are you going to use, and does the Web host support those scripts. Do you prefer cPanel or DirectAdmin.
  10. A Windows Shared Hosting platform is very affordable as the server operating cost is shared between you and others. Websites, though, could be a bit lagging and slow due to server’s shared characteristic.

    A Windows Shared Hosting is mostly preferred by such webmasters who are not vying to operate their websites on a commercial basis as the cost of operation is easily split and this makes this web hosting type quite easy on the pockets.
  11. cwvps

    cwvps Member

    Shared hosting is definitely cheaper than dedicated or vps servers, but it is also less reliable. You need to know what do you need in order to make the right decision.
  12. hary Smith

    hary Smith New Member

    It depends on your website type and website traffic.if your website is in initial stage there is no more traffic on your website then shared hosting is a good choice.
    if you have a large number of visitors and your website is so popular then shared hosting is not the good choice.so select your hosting carefully according to your requirement.Best Of Luck
  13. jacobwallace

    jacobwallace Member

    shared hosting is normal and cheaper than other hosting , but it is best or not, its totally based on your what you want to host.
  14. hongta

    hongta New Member

    Fundamentally, the common facilitating is the essential arrangement offered by all the web facilitating organizations. Yes, your companions are completely right. There are a few favorable circumstances and disservices of shared facilitating plans, truth be told, each web facilitating sort that goes under the conventional facilitating have upsides and downsides. The common facilitating is appropriate for those individuals who run a little site expending low diskspace and data transfer capacity and are tight on spending plan. The upside of shared facilitating is that it is effectively reasonable say $1.50 or $2.00 every month, the cost every month may fluctuate supplier to supplier. Also, you don't need any specialized abilities as the common servers are totally overseen by the facilitating supplier. The fundamental weakness of this administration is that you get low diskspace, transfer speed and also in the event that you need to introduce a particular programming/application you are not permitted to host it. For such opportunity you have decide on a VPS or a committed server arrange.
  15. Sky Host

    Sky Host New Member

    If you are running a small to medium sized business, then you may go for shared or VPS hosting. If you are running a large business,then you may go for dedicated hosting as you will require more disk space and a devoted server to host your site.
  16. With shared hosting, you get to enjoy the following;
    -Price – Since several individuals are all using the same physical hardware, the cost of this service is quite inexpensive
    -Minimal Technical Knowledge Required
    -Rapid Setup
    -In the long run, the resources offered by shared hosting might be inadequate for your site and it may start getting slow.
  17. daica85

    daica85 New Member

    I see that there are many free hosting services out there that you can use such as Byethost, 000webhost, hostinger, awardspace, 5gbfree, etc...However, in my experience, I would like to suggest ByetHost is comparatively better than other free hosting in terms of CPU, speed, up-time, no ads and good support.

    However if you are serious about your business, I also would suggest that you do not use free hosting. Because in the future, your business may get increase and become bigger then you will face to many problems with free hosting such as limited bandwidth, CPU, memory,...And in case your traffic is huge, CPU is overloaded…, your account will be suspended from provider without any notification. So go with paid hosting at the first time you run your business.

    Good luck to you!
  18. VPS9

    VPS9 Member

    for sure shared hosting is better because it is the most affordable hosting service, best choice for a newbie of web hosting business.
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