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Hosting needed for adult forum and adult link site

Discussion in 'Web hosting requests' started by Explicit, Jun 26, 2007.

  1. Explicit

    Explicit New Member

    I have 2 adult sites. I need a free trial period because I want to make sure the service is of good quality before I pay anything. I would like to have a web-host that will be available to be contacted on an instant messenger like: MSN, Yahoo! or AIM (in case I have any issues with my service). Support tickets don't always yield the results needed in an emergency. I like to have direct contact with the owner. For each site, I will also need:

    - C/Panel
    - Unlimited Mysql databases
    - At least 1000 Mb of Disk space to start off with
    - At least 10000 Mb of bandwidth per month to start off with
    - Unlimited email accounts
    - The latest version of PHP
    - The latest version of Mysql
    - The latest version of PERL
    - The latest Apache version

    Please bear in mind that I will need a patient professional to help me transfer my sites as well. I don't know a lot about installing back ups and I may need help with that. In fact, I'll probably need someone to do it for me.

    If you can provide me with the previously listed needs, a fast server, a reasonable price and a reliable service ...then please post your price here.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2007
  2. RadixHosting

    RadixHosting New Member

    Is your web site currently hosted on a cPanel server? We need that information in order to see in which way we can help you out with the transfer.
  3. I have transfer sites from all kinds of control panels to cPanel hosting. I will build you a custom plan that will match your request.

    Disk Space - 1,000
    Bandwidth - 10,000

    Apache version 1.3.37 <- NOT THE LATEST
    PHP version - 5.2.3
    MySQL version - 4.1.22-standard
    Perl version - 5.008008

    I will offer this package to you for $6.00
  4. Explicit

    Explicit New Member

    Yes, I currently have C/Panel.
  5. [ih]Demetris

    [ih]Demetris New Member

    Hi Explicit,

    I would like to offer you the following custom solution. Of course all content must be legal within the US.

    Webhosting Space: 1024 MB
    Monthly Data Transfer: 10 GB
    Monthly Cost: $2.99 (Contact Me For Odering)

    What's Included?
    * cPanel 11 Control Panel
    * Fantastico Deluxe / RVSkins
    * Ruby on Rails Support
    * PHP 5 / MySQL 5 / CGI BIN
    * Unmetered MySQL & PostgreSQL DBs
    * Unmetered E-Mail Accounts
    * Unmetered FTP Accounts
    * Unmetered Sub-Domains
    * 99.95 Uptime Garuntee
    * 15 Day Iron Clad Money Back Garuntee
    * Superior Network Performance

    If you would like to pick up this package please feel free to contact me via pm or at demetris@xsishost.com. Thanks for your time.

  6. RadixHosting

    RadixHosting New Member

    I'm afraid I can't really help you though. We provide 24/7 support via e-mail but do not use instant messengers.
  7. Explicit

    Explicit New Member

    Still looking at offers. The only thing is, I need more bandwidth than originally anticipated. I will need at least 100,000 mb of bandwidth ...and c/panel 11.
  8. Decker

    Decker Officially Old! NLC

    That's a big jump from 10G to 100G, can you state what level of 'adult' site your looking to host, as in legalities in various areas, content, etc.
  9. Explicit

    Explicit New Member

    I don't know about "levels" but I can PM the link to you and you can look around.
  10. Decker

    Decker Officially Old! NLC

    Got the PM thanks, looked around and replied.
  11. [0_0]

    [0_0] New Member

    can i have the link to look around too? i maybe able to offer you a good deal.
  12. Explicit

    Explicit New Member

    PM sent.
  13. Hey maybe i can offer you a best offer.Send me the link plz.
  14. Volt.Networks

    Volt.Networks Bolded! NLC

    Can you send me the link also? I want to make sure it's legal content before I offer anything.

    Also, do you require latest Apache and MySQL?
  15. Explicit

    Explicit New Member

    I'll need at least apache 1.3.37 and Mysql 5.0.27
  16. Eskhosting

    Eskhosting New Member

    if this is legal adult content we might help, we have cpanel 11, php5, apache 1.3.37

    we also provide live chat support and upon request can chat in IM

    you may contact me at forum[at]eskhosting.com for further details
  17. Decker

    Decker Officially Old! NLC

    To save the OP some trouble in answering (not trying to step on toes) the content would be regarded as legal adult, also behind registration protection (good level confirmation protection), latest versions would be prefered but I don't think a strict requirement immediately and through pm's is a sensible/responsible person to deal with who would benefit from a helping hand from the prospective host - hope the OP doesn't mind but hopefully this will save them a few posts to answer hosts questions without giving out details.
  18. Eskhosting

    Eskhosting New Member

  19. Darknight

    Darknight Premium Premium Member NLC

    IM: Isnt a real good support system... You may request something and it will never be done becuse the supporter forgets... this is where tickets are more reliable. The Host cant forget
    If you are willing to use IRC/Tickets instead of IM. Ill post a offer.
    We do have a IRC channel.

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