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Google Chrome Operating System!

I have a Chrome Notebook with Chrome OS, i got accepted into the pilot program.

So far so good, but it has a few bugs to be worked out...and its a free Notebook i got, so i dont expect things to be perfect right away.

The sound has a major bug which makes it crackle and sound distorted, Turing off the Notebook helps.

it can probally be fixed in a major OS update, not sure...i know it isnt hardware based, cause lots of users are experiencing the same problem.

So i recommend it! :)
have not ried it yet, but read a lot of reviews. There are lots of cons, but it's the 1st version. Do you remember how many of them were there in the 1st versions of Windows.
I've seen so many saying they got Chrome OS installed on a free notebook. Where did you got that free notebook and how ?
I have a suggestion to better integrate Chrome into Windows 7.
In Windows 7, multiple windows are shown in previews when you hover over their respective icons on the taskbar.
This is enabled to help users find the right window the first time.
Tabs are a useful feature to keep multiple websites within the same window. However, if you have multiple tabs open in multiple windows, it becomes difficult to keep track of what is open in which window.
Internet Explorer has a neat integration with the Windows 7 taskbar, such that it doesn't matter which window is open in which tab; when you hover over the IE icon on the taskbar, ALL of the web pages are previewed.
If Chrome could integrate with Windows 7, such that all of the web pages would be shown when hovering over the Chrome icon on the taskbar, it would be much appreciated, because currently, when I am running multiple tabs in multiple Chrome windows, the preview just shows me the active tabs are that are open for each window. Thus, I still have to search for the web page that I am looking for and this slows down my productivity.

Google operating system is very fast operating system and it is reliable because you install is our Flash Drive, our Pin Driver, and you plug is every time any system only one time install your Flash Drive or you hard Drive no need Local Area Card Driver and no need Graphical card driver simply install and user every system anytime.

it is boot only 45 second and ready to use.

very fast operating system for browsing.
A boot time of 45 seconds is not fast. The boot time is around 7 seconds, that's not that fast honestly. All my computers boot up AT LEAST before 15s.
A boot time of 45 seconds is not fast. The boot time is around 7 seconds, that's not that fast honestly. All my computers boot up AT LEAST before 15s.

I know right? My Windows 7 machine, with all its junk I'm putting back on it, boots in less than 30 seconds. Usually about 25 or less. Why even that long? I've got an old IDE drive along with my SATA one, so it takes a bit longer.

I'm looking forward to the Chrome OS to put on my netbook though.
ChromeOS is meant to be for more portable devices such as netbooks and maybe notebooks from what I gather.

I don't think Windows 7 is all that great on netbooks, so might be a good alternative, but for notebooks and desktops, it would be hard to beat Windows 7, or Mac OS X for that matter :)
Out of my personal experience, no OS can be as user friendly as Windows. So Google Chrome will take some time to beat Windows 7.
There are 2 - Chromium OS and Google Chrome OS, Chrome is being written to work on optimised hardware, like netbooks and that's the one that comes with OEM kit, Chromium OS is the developer version not for public consumption (unless you like having an upset stomach).

I'd say wait till there's a Chromium Beta binary (from Google) and try it, you can get some binaries for this but it's all different developers compiled versions so what you get with one you might have exactly the opposite with another.
Maybe that is weird and strange but I trust Google not. Surely I use the search engine finding it the most efficient, but I prefer to avoid their browsers and OS, as I have heard many times about their passion of gathering personal information of the users. It might be better than Windows, or MacOS, or even Opensource OS but I suppose its moral cost is too high.
Google chrome is also part of Google search engine.Now a days mostly people use the google chrome rather then the any explorer.Mostly people avoid to use the internet explorer because working speed is slow and not good results.
Prefer windows XP. Even if Chrome OS would be much better in all parameters. Google gathers and saves your data, without your wish to be taken into account.