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Discussion in 'Review my webdesign' started by Robert, Mar 27, 2005.

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  1. Robert

    Robert NLC NLC

    Prior to posting, if you would take the second to read the rules for this forum:


    You will see rule #2:

    We do not review forums. Any site with only a forum that is posted here to get reviewed will be deleted.
    So if you have a website that is a forum, please do not ask us to review it, as it will be deleted.
  2. madmatt911

    madmatt911 New Member

    i have a question, what if it is a forum based site, like my yblog.tk?

    i use it as a site because it is the easiest to maintain for what im doing.
  3. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    It's still a no. We review the webdesign of websites here (exluding forums). It's not intended for you to get feedback on your service or get members for your forum.
  4. ZoltanGera

    ZoltanGera New Member

    What is the problem with 'Forums' ?
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2005
  5. BioALIEN

    BioALIEN New Member

    I wasnt aware this site is so biased and scared of losing its memebers?

    Whats wrong with reviewing forums? Webmasters still spend effort on the design, the concept, choosing the right forums to build up their community not to mention adding the contents to attract visitors. Just as with any other website out there!

    In my opinion, this rule should be withdrawn, but this is only my opinion and my/maynot reflect the majority here!
  6. Peo

    Peo Administrator Staff Member Admin

    Again, this section is intended to get your new site tested and reviewed regarding it's webdesign. The amount of people posting forums here with exactly the same standard design or free skin caused us to prevent reviews of forums.

    Here's a radical idea... How about you ask your own members at your own forum what they think about your webdesign? :tired2:
  7. dojo

    dojo New Member

    OK, now I'm angry. Why are the people here BIASED? Because they know there's usually nothing to review on a forum. What's so special about it? You've installed it and perhaps started some categories and threads. Big thing. So what is again to be reviewed in the fact you installed a script and a theme?

    If you make a totally new theme, you can make the image smaller and of course let us praise your serious graphic skills by submitting the image.

    And yes, you'd be amazed to see many serious forums don't let forum reviews happen. Because we all know in many cases the ones asking for reviews don't give a d..n about what we have to say, but try to get some traffic and perhaps a member too.

    Call me biased to, but if you do this in MY forum you're out of there before you can say ouch.

    So yeah, I agree with the admins and mods here.

    And yes, I know .. you hate me :D
  8. cowax

    cowax Nice Shot NLC

    Oops, I didn't see this thread and posted a forum. Sorry about that. But this includes testing it out/bug searching as well? Bummer :S
  9. DarkBlood

    DarkBlood NLC NLC

    Yeah well, before anyone gets real good replies for this post. Please take note that this forum is next to the webdesign and the programming forum. And to tell you the truth, I don't see why you cannot just build a site to go along with your forum and THEN link your site to your forum using a link. It isn't that hard people, especially when you have a wide variety of different types of editors (Ex: Dreamweaver, GoLive, FrontPage, etc.)

    So please, if you have any good sites post them before you add on your forum URL inside that post, or a better way of doing this is have a link to your forums on your site and not advertise just your forums.

    This is why I moved away from just making forums in the first place (Way back in 7th Grade might I add) and it gave me much more people who liked my forums AND site, besides people who come for my site content that is.


    Also, another reason is that content should not go in your forums in the first place as a fill-in for your site, and I learned that the hard way, as my members from a long time ago stopped coming as frequent due to me focusing more on my forums rather than content that is on my site. (Examples of my site content are: Show Reviews, Game Reviews, Image Gallery, etc.)

    That's about all I have to say at the moment.
  10. ozefrog

    ozefrog Active Member

    once u hav seen 1 forum, u hav seen them all. with the exception of Phorum (unless they've conformed to typical forum conventions in recent times).personally i am sick of going to websites and seeing the same generic designs and layouts. this is what i will reffer to as 'no talent webmasters'. u cant just dump a forum script on a freehost n call urself a webmaster. wen u fully understand the workings of your website n what each files does then u can call yourself a webmaster.

    a suggestion to u peo, is that u do allow reviewing of forum only sites. but ONLY if it has been coded from scratch by the person submitting it for reviewing. those with talent deserve to have their creativity displayed and commented on.
  11. masters1.0

    masters1.0 New Member

    i think this is all BS, but what say do I have in all of this?? Nothing..

    (escuse my spanish)

    I had a phpnuke site, but that went down due to the host. then I created a free forum. It's so much more reliable and easier to switch things rather than changing one cinchy link on 1000 pages...
  12. ozefrog

    ozefrog Active Member

    My site does not use ANY portal / forum script. I am able to alter a link in the design of my site from 1 file...
  13. college-student

    college-student New Member

    i got an idea :)

    how about FWS allows ppl to submit their forums + sites for reviews but only as per the following rules:

    1) take a screenshot of your forum
    2) show it as an image in FWS with NO LINK (mind u)
    3) do the usual stuff, description of the site, the title - again all of this with NO LINK to yo site.
    4) put it the following notice: if anyone's interested in reviweing the forum site - pls send me a pm for the link

    this way:

    a) no one's using the review section @ FWS to promote their sites
    b) only those who are serious in getting their site reviewed at FWS will post a screenshot of their forum [and not try to promo their site]
    c) only those ppl who are really interested in giving their opinions/reviews will participate in sending a pm
    d) the person who wants their site to be reviewed gets quality reviews

    and i think the problem kinda' solves itself :D

    What d'ya think Robert & Peo? :)

    Anyways that meh 2 cents on the whole thing ;)
    Last edited: May 12, 2005
  14. tandoc

    tandoc tandoc tandoc NLC

    unfortunately it doesn't let people render the page in their browsers.

    i think its just easier to ban forum reviews, and it will force people to take their spam elsewhere.
  15. goalumpire

    goalumpire New Member

    Oh well there goes my plan.

    I guess because I am new here I will have to follow the rules.
  16. Marky

    Marky New Member

    How about Php-Nuke themes, these take considerable time to create and design and i think are alot more complex then normal html sites as you need to code blocks for it and so forth
  17. tandoc

    tandoc tandoc tandoc NLC

    I think in short, if the site requires any sort of registration to view, don't post it here.
  18. masters1.0

    masters1.0 New Member

    ok, PHPNuke is about the bitchiest thing to configure. And if you make your own theme, then it should be applicable because you spent 3+ hours on it, and its YOURS, not a premade..

    Seriously, you could just post your forum in here. at least a few people will see it before it gets deleted...
  19. Robert

    Robert NLC NLC

    What's point of risking being banned and having your URL censored?
  20. masters1.0

    masters1.0 New Member

    Believe me, people will try... I've seen it being done before..

    Edit: Is it really so hard to make an extra, or sub-forum for people who want to show off their forum-sites? It only takes about 10 seconds to create...
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2005
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